Monday, January 2

Happy 2006!

I can't believe I am actually saying that. I clearly remember being in 6th grade & my teacher, Miss Flick (yep, that was her real name) asked us how old we would be in the year 2000. Duh! We were 6th graders....we could do basic math. We would be 26years old. And I remember thinking "That is stinking ancient!" it is 5 years beyond Y2K & I am rapidly appraoching the big 3-2 in March. Talk about "things that make you go hmmm"

Anyway...K. made it home from work & this past weekend was Christmas for us. We all had a blast, but like most parents, I can defiantley say the best part was watching the kids. I remember being a kid & my mom would always tell me how fun it was to be the parent watching you kids on Christmas. At that point, I truly thought she was out of her ever-loving mind....but I owe her a huge apology. Watching those tykes on Christmas morning is the best! They both got tons of cool loot & had a fabulous time!!!

Today we went to Anchorage for the day......we had several gift cards each that were burning holes in our know the drill. K. made a major score at Sears when they mismarked Socom is supposed to be $49.99 & he got it for $17.00!

Then we went to Pier One & I got some of the the coveted pumpkin "Blah Spray" (if you are lost on this one, scroll down to my previous blog entry) way cheap......regularly $6.00 a I paid $1.50 a piece! Score again! And then after a few other stops I managed to drag the family into our new JoAnn ETC. It was fabulous! And I had a gift card to doesn't get much better than that! Here are just a couple of my great finds ..........I think I am going to become a Heidi Swapp stalker...just kidding!!! But her stuff is awesome!!!!

I can't wait to use all of this stuff!!!! And you are not gonna believe I was typing this entry my sister K. called & asked me to make a scrapbook for our grandma's 75th birthday on Feb. 12th. She will send me all of the photos & I will make the album. For those of you who scrapbook, you know this will be no small undertaking. And for those of you who know me IRL, you know all about my obsessive say a few prayers for my sanity...oh, & send mucho diet Coke please!!! I gotta get my butt in gear on this one....wish me luck!!!


Femmie82 said...

Did I tell you that Miss Flick died? It was late in '05....very sudden. She didn't show up for work one day and they found her at home. She had a heart attack and passed before they could get to her. The kids I work with had a tough time at first but are doing better now. They're getting used to the new art teacher(she had switched from Eng. to art). Anyway...I think I forgot to tell you that.

Don't fret about're still the mostest beautifulest sister in the whole world.