Thursday, December 29

The case of the runaway mom......

that is what the headlines of the Anchorage Daily News will say on Friday. I told K. tonight on the phone that we will be passing each other tomorrow in airport security as I hand him the keys to the van.....I am leaving on a jet plane (*sing it with me now*) where you ask???? I have no freaking clue....I am just running away.
You see~ I LOVE being a SAHM 99.99% of the time. But when that tiny fraction of a percentage hits, look out. To be honest, I am am in good spirits, just tired. :) I have let my kiddos get way too off schedule during Christmas break & now I am paying for it. Please note that I am taking ownership of this problem (Dr. Phil would be soooooo proud)'s my fault the kids were up late & now I am getting cranky. Nobody's fault but my own. But that doesn't prohibit me from whining about it, now does it?

Then to top it off R. had started having nightmares. The crazy thing is that his bad dreams have involved a toy that used to be one of his very favorites ...he calls this dragon "Blah!", becasue that is kind of the sounds the dragon makes in the Baby Mozart video. Good grief! So now R. is terrified to go to sleep or down to the playroom by himself becasue he doesn't want Blah to get him. So on top of our already nutso sleep issues, we had to spray "Special spray" all around him room. It was really pumpkin scented air freshener from Pier One...but it did the trick, for now..... I gotta remeber to pick up another can of that stuff when we are in town tomorrow just to be safe!

So tomorrow morning we will all be up bright & early (& grumpy) and will schlep ourselves to the airport to greet Daddy with smiles on our faces! Thanks heavens the airport has strategically placed a Starbucks right next to the security gates....I think we will all need it! And yes, you guessed it...I will be the bad mom allowing my kids to consume the mucho caffeine in a Venti Mocha or whatever their drink of choice may be. I am a glutton for punishment because that 'little pick-me-up" will only serve to worsen the sleep issues come tomorrow night.
So there you have it...we have spent our Christmas vacation thus far get our circadian rhythm all wacked out & eating bonbons. But don't despair, the festivities are almost ready to R. has told me & everyone who will listen "Just 3 more sleeps until Santa comes"! Adios!

*** I guess I should explain for those of you who don't know me hubby, K. works out of town for 2 weeks out of the month and then has the next 2 weeks off. So we have an "arrangment" with Santa that he waits until Daddy comes home before he visits our house. I just figured I'd better clarify before started thinking I had really lost it!


Michelle W. said...

Your kids are lucky. You would actually let them drink coffee at all. I loved it as a child. Of course now I'm 5'2" and I regret it big time. (I also drink it excessively)