Friday, May 25

Don't know why...but this soooo makes me happy

Friday, May 4

Ohio bound....

Yep...we're outta here! See ya next weekend!

Wednesday, May 2

Can somebody recommend a good book.....

like I said in an earlier post, I am an avid reader. At any given time I can be juggling 3 or 4 different books and, truth be told, I completely neglect my 'after-the-kids-go-to-bed housework' to bury my nose in my latest find. So in the last 2 weeks I have read the following:

And now I'm stuck....I need a good book...a really good book...especially because I will be stuck on Saturday for 12+ hourson an airplane ....please help. Any & all suggestions will be greatly appreciated:)

Tuesday, May 1

Tales from the scale.....

First let me say, today was a fabulous Weight Watchers weigh in.....yours truly was down 5.2lbs....oh yeah!! That was way better than the 1.2lbs I gained last week. Ugh! But as of today I am down a total of 41lbs!! I have 7.2lbs to "Goal".....but then we'll see from there. My "Goal" is the maximum I want to be, but I need to see where this adventure finally takes me :)

Although I left the meeting on cloud nine, I did pick up an article today that kind of took the wind out of my sails (if only for a moment) was about Liv Tyler & her post baby weight struggles. She told about how she had been 'huge'. After raw diets, fasting, working with a trainer & colonics (you have got to be freakin' kidding me) she is only able to get down to a size 6. She said back and shoulders are still really broad. Okay..girlfriend is 5'10 for Pete's sake! Honestly I adore Liv as an actress but this is just pure insanity. At almost 6ft she is going to such extremes to get to 'only a 6'......she went on to say that at this point in her life she'll never be a size 0. Seriously..... I truly try not to pay attention to all the Hollywood hub-bub but stuff like this makes me just a little nuts. I fully accept we will never morph into some utopian society that accepts everybody exactly as they are, but give me a break people. It's kind of like the NutriSystem commercials with that Zora girl ...talking about how she is down from a size 10 to her highschool weight & in a size 4. Notice Zora's "Before & After shots"..... This a another tall girl...Zora is 5'8. Now I'm not knocking these girls for doing something to make themselves feel better, but do they honestly think their stories are inspiring the hundreds of thousands of women who have significant weight issues in our country . Uhm, I think not....(stepping off of my soapbox now)

Well...that's all for's time to bathe the grubby critters (my kiddos). Now that it has warmed up (a whopping 58degrees today...just try to contain yourself) the kids spend the entire evening outside. Tonight they were out the door before I had cleared a single plate from the dinner table.
First they tore up the streets on their bikes and now I am off to tear them away from playing hockey in the cul-de-sac with the neighbors kids. Wish this 'fun wrecker' luck.........