Tuesday, January 31

The World Fair project

you know...the one at Desi's school where I was completely stressed out for weeks on end. Well the photos are starting to come in so I thought I'd share. Enjoy!!
First is Angel Falls: during the event we had the lights dimmed, a fog machine running behind the falls to create a misty effect & a CD player running behind the falls with waterfall sound effects. It was sooooo cool!

This is the rainforest we had in the back of the classroom. We had anotherCD player hidden back there playing rainforest sound effects. It was awesome!!

Here's my girl D. ~ she was an Andes tour guide!

Here are the Andes Moutnains...those took more sponge painting than I care to think about! :)


em said...

That rainforest rocks! I think I may need to plan a trip :)