Monday, January 30

I am a genius!!!!

Thank you, thank you...please hold the applause........ okay, seriously, I am so freakin' dense about my computer it is not even funny! All this time I have been waiting for K. to come home from the slope to download photos off our camera cuz I couldn't figure it out...duh! He does it via a cable into a port...blah, blah, blah....I still don't get that. However, as I was in the shower at 6a.m. it dawned on me, just maybe...I could do it through our printer. I know...clear as mud, eh??? Well we have the HP 2410 photomart printer/copier/fax/scanner thing-a-ma-doo. Anyway, K. always razzes me cuz I don't print out photos on in. What can I say..I'm a chickenshit when it comes to technology. So anyway...I decided to try the thing where you take the card out of the camera & put it in the little slot on the printer....and guess automatically loaded all my pics onto my PC for me. How about that??? C'mon...I KNOW you are impressed....***please, work with me here**** LOL
So know it's time for show & tell:
First we have our Christmas tree on the big morning just before the kiddos got up! (I know...I'm only a month late! :)

Then we have Miss D. in all her Cheetah glory!!

Next is R. & K. doing the guy thing with the new race track!!

Here are the uber-cute stocking my mom made the kids this year!! Both of my kids love animal print & G-ma delivered! (Hey Mom~ You rock!)

Here it is ~ the Secret Project. It's recipient, My sister Femmie, recieved it on Saturday! It's a 7 Gypsies Tie Album that I filled with misc. photos of she & I over the years. It was super fun to make!!

Okay...I have more to show ...but I gotta go.. somehow, gymanstics class does not revolve around my blog...the nerve! :)


Michelle W. said...

I'm with you on the dense part! lol. Technology hates me