Tuesday, January 24

Gettin' back in the groove......

Yep, I've been MIA~ did you even notice??? LOL
Anyway, the last week & a half has been way more than I bargained for. I spent over 75hours working on the big South America project for D's school. Talk about sleep deprived...... The big event was Friday night (I promise I'll post pics when K. gets home) & I gotta admit it was pretty cool. And to top of that coolness...we won. 2nd grade won for the whole elementary school & so the principal is taking our class to H2Oasis , so the kids are really stoked. All~in~all it turned out well.
Other than that Friday was...well.....hard....some of you know why & know exactly what I mean. For those of you who don't....we lost a dear loved one on this date 2 years ago...there is more about it on my sister Femmie's blog (link at right)....I'm just not in a good place with it right now.

Then Saturday, I took the kiddos sledding with some friends & we had a blast...only to come home & realize I had a 102degree temperature. And within 12 hours R. had spiked one even higher, accompanied by the Pukefest 2006. So there went our weekend..........

Today was our first day back out & about and it is freakin' cold. -9 to be exact...so I bought myself a little treat to cheer myself up..

... actually I am justifying it as a need to aid in the completion of my grandma's scrapbook for her birthday, as well as the top-secret project I am working on. And no...no one is getting any hints. ;) So if you are feeling generous, feel free to assure me that this adorable tote is absolutely necessary in my crafting pursuits....... You know if I say it often enough, I just might begin to believe it!

later! ;)


Femmie82 said...

Sorry you guys were sick. Crap's been going around here too. The boys have been sick, and so has Kate. Now I'm getting it. Yuck. I can't wait to see pics of the room. Give D and R big big hugs for being the bestest kids ever...and make sure they hug you back for me.

T.R.---I so wish we were together...to deal with this all together. I'm sorry you're hurting. I guess I want to remind you of what I had forgotten for a long time....she knew. She knew I loved her. She knew you loved her. You were her true joy. It's hard to deal with the guilt...I'm not even close to being ok with myself, trust me. But lately I've been trying to remind myself that if she could, she'd tell me to stop being so hard on myself. And you know she'd look us in the eye and say.."Damn T.R./S....I'm so proud of you." (insert her proud chuckle here) T.R.--There's so much I'm sorry for....but I'm trying hard to believe that she knew my heart because she always saw the best in me. The same is true for you. I don't know where you're at with all this...and maybe none of this helped, but it's been a start for me. Just know that I love you...and I'm proud of you....and I'm only a phone call away. ---Me

G-ma said...

What's this about needing a reason to buy that oh so stylish tote? You give so much of yourself to so many...you just plain deserve it! Good lord, you need to do for you once in awhile lady. But just in case...Yes, you NEED it for all your scrapbooking projects and for the many things you need handy as you go through your hectic days. Your probably wouldn't be able to finish anything without it. And besides, it is sooooo you!
And yes, she loved you so very much and she goes on loving you today. Keep her close in your heart...you make her proud. As you make me proud every day, just knowing you're my daughter. Love you bunches and bunches and lots and lots.

sal said...

Finally - I missed you!!! I also understand about AK, being busy, & the Pukefest. But still...I missed you!!!! Don't beat yourself down, Fem's right - AK knew. I do hope that you can somehow come to terms with that day and all that it has brought to our family. Everyone processes differently and at different times - especially when we think nothings wrong & keep ourselves very busy. I deal with my own issues of guilt. You know over the moving out thing, not calling or visiting enough, etc. I just have to go back to the she knew or else some days it's too much.

On a lighter note - Absolutely, you NEED that tote!! You are such a sweetheart and do so much for your family & friends. Go ahead cut loose!
Love you!!!