Tuesday, January 10

Just pluggin' along

It's only Tuesday & I am pining for the weekend already. It seems that from 6a.m Monday mornings until I hit the hay on Friday nights, that life is chaotic. Running kids to & from school, lessons, playdates, etc. wears me out...then the kiddos expect me to feed them to boot! :) I am just whining....I love it, but I am just tired today. We have a huge project for D.'s class for next week and as Room Parent, I am up to my eyeballs in it. Plus it's the dreaded semi-annual dental appointment day...can you say "fun"??? I cringe just thinking about it! So today I will spend way too much time in my van shuttling both kids to their respective schools, ensure all 4 of us get sparkling whites at the dentist, 'do' both gymanstics & swimming lessons and try to fit it some nutrition somewhere. Oh & did I mention the hour I spent at the gym (**insert shamless pat on the back**)??? Atleast in the midst of all this chaos, I am really trying to keep my goals in mind & carve out a bit of time for myself each day.