Sunday, January 29

Things a boy will say......

This is the current (& ongoing) R-ism:
*Mind you, this is kind of sung, rather than said...& in the craziest, silliest 3 year old voice voice imaginable!*

R: Credit Mama Spank Butt!!!

What the???? I have no what this means, where it came from or why it so insanely funny.....even his sister dies laughing the instant these words tumble from his precious little lips. I have begged them to let me in on their little secret... "what's so funny"...but neither of them knows, but it sure as hell doesn't keeping them from breaking out it huge belly laughs! :) Crazy thing is they rarely get spanked & credit is pretty taboo in our house.......probably way too much TV. Damn that Disney Channel! :)


Michelle W. said...

LOL. What a little cutie