Sunday, February 8

I have a little "hillbilly" in my house....

Yes, my son could have a future in the hills somewhere with a mouth that looks like this

Yeah...the girls are just gonna be lining up for this toothless little man! (sorry about the fuzzy pic quality, but holding still for mom to take the pic was sooooo not cool)

So Mom & I are back from Hawaii & I am once again reminded just exactly how much I hate the cold. Blech!

So now life is all about work & cleaning house & schoolwork.....for another 35 days at least............

Thursday, January 15

Hey Mom........

In just 8 short days (next Saturday) this is what we have to look forward to.....

High 80°F

Precip 10%

And that makes me VERY, VERY

Wednesday, January 14


43 °F
Light Rain did we go from -28º just 5 days ago
to 43º now (we had a high of 48º earlier in the day).
Talk about crazy!!
And did I mention that we had our first weather day off of school
(for ice) today in over4 years??? The kids were sooooo excited!
R. is hoping for another day off tomorrow...............