Saturday, August 30

Just because it is FUNNY!

So a while back my uncle sends me this video via email. This is the Uncle that my son seems to think is just the coolest guy in the entire world. Said uncle also happens to be married to fellow blogger (also named) Stacy.
Anyway my son saw this video & is majorly impressed. However my son also seems to think that because my Uncle sent this video the Uncle MUST be friends with these guys. And that my friends, has majorly increased my Uncle's "coolness factor" in the eyes of my 6 year old son. What is a mother to do???

Friday, August 29

Alaska (& the nation) is all abuzz

So I don't usually use my blog as a platform for my political views but this is HUGE! Too huge to ignore! My phone has been ringing all morning & everyone here is soooooo excited. So before I go I jus wanna say one thing....GO SARAH!....well, GO McCain & Palin! :)

Tuesday, August 26

And it brought me to tears.........

So today I was out shopping for groceries, going about my day......buying the necessities but admittedly throwing some random odds & ends in my cart as I went. You know what I mean~ the Banana Split Oreos & the ole standby case of Diet Coke...the things that are NOT necessities (although on most days I would argue that diet Coke is essential- I digress). And as I placed these little extras in my cart I never gave them a 2nd thought.

So as I am pushin my cart out to my van I see a young man sitting on the ground outside the door & didn't really give him a 2nd thought until I heard someone raise their voice in that general direction. As I glance over my shoulder I see the young man is sitting on the sidewalk with a 'pack' complete with a monster-sized back pack & sleeping bag. He also had a sign saying

Stranded while traveling

Fell for a job scam

Out of money

Very hungry

Will do ANY work


And there was a middle age man giving this young kid "the business."

Man: Get out of here....we don't welcome bums in these parts. Why don't you go join your amigos in Anchorage?

Kid: Sir....I wish I could....I really am stuck

Me: Quit trying to mooch off the good people of this community

Kid: I'm sorry sir. I just really am hungry................

Now, for those of you who don't live in Alaska I need to explain that Anchorage (40-ish miles from here) has a horrible homeless problem. Many of the grocery stores have had to quit selling mouthwash like Listerine because the police were finding hundreds of empty mouthwash bottles littering the homeless 'camps' in the woods. And wouldn't you know that stores in these areas were having an astonishingly high amount of 'missing' mouthwash inventory. Hmmmmm?????

And if that isn't enough, about a year & a half ago the homeless people of Anchorage wanted to unionize. Seriously. And they wanted to be able to lay legal claim to certain street corners for panhandling purposes.......yeah.....serious problems.

With this in mind I have to admit I regularly have had to turn a blind eye to beggars in our community. But something about this kid just struck me. So I went to my car, loaded my packages & prayed for guidance. Then I got in my car & drove off........

*****now do you seriously think this is the end of my saga?????****

I drove to the fast food joint next door & bought a gift card. Then I drove back & parked in front of the young man & walked right up to him. I have to admit I was shaking (why? I'm still not sure) when I looked him in the eye.

Me: Are you truly hungry?

Him: Yes, ma'am I am. (you know, I think he was shaking worse than I was)

Me: Then go eat (& I handed him the card)

Him: Thank you ma'am. Really-thank you.

Me: God bless you

And as I started to walk away I saw that he was starting to cry.

I made it to my car...and then I fell apart.

I know it may have been a scam....but if it was, oh well. He scammed me for a couple burgers, NOT a bottle of booze. And my heart broke thinking if it was a scam this young man must be so lost that he thinks this type of life is okay.....

But something deep in me said it wasn't a scam.

And I wondered if his mom knows where he is right now. And my heart broke for her .....

And then I wondered if maybe she is the type that just doesn't care & then my heart broke for him.....

And then I cried for my own children. I prayed that they never have to face such be alone & hungry......

And I was ashamed that I had been so concerned with Oreos & Diet Coke................

Friday, August 22


can you keep a secret? Cause this is some serious stuff here............

We have officially made it through the first week of school and I have a big surprise for the kiddos.....I won't be picking them up in my uber chic minivan (you know that is gonna traumatize them LOL)....instead I will arrive in a friend's vehicle to snatch up our combined crew & we are headed to the Alaska State Fair!

You gotta understand living here in AK, the fair is a huge deal.....we are talking BIG TIME! It is funny & scary all at the same time. All the kids beg to go, all the teenagers sport their skankiest outfits to troll for dates (okay not ALL of the teenagers, but a huge number of them), and all the adults go to stuff their faces with any kind of fair food you can possibly imagine. And while you can find a fair just about anywhere in the good ole U.S.of A., you have to keep in mind we only have 1 (yes, just 1) fair per year. There's no driving to the next town or county to go to another fair. There's no Six Flags or even rinky-dink amusement parks. This is IT! And boy is it expensive.......$10 per person admission, food is crazy insane high & the Alaska Fair gurus don't believe in all-you-can-ride armbands. I *think* last year it cost us about $60 for ride tickets and our kids each only got about 6 rides. It is highway-stinkin-robbery! Yet, it is a HUGE Alaskan tradition. I mean how can you possibly not go to see the 100lb cabbages & 700lb+ pumpkins???

And the kids know nothing about it! I love surprises! Love, love love 'em!! The kids know we are gonna do something fun but I have been convincing for them for months now that I wasn't messin' with the fair chaos this year. I even overheard them trying to figure out what we are doing . They discussed that it can't possibly be the fair "cuz mom said we weren't going this year." Can you say 'Bah Humbug?' But I am giving in & I will brave all of the craziness. They are gonna be sooooooooooooooooo excited!

So I am thankful that it is Friday so I can have my kiddos home with me for 2 whole days. I've missed them this week. However, I don't know how much quality time we'll get together as they sleep off the inevitable sugar-hangovers as a result of all the fair food. And while they'll be thinkin' mama is the greatest tonight, they will surely change their tunes as I detox them with copious amount of green smoothies for the next 2 days . :) Hey, what are moms for?!

But you gotta promise not to tell................

Wednesday, August 20

Time for a quick "breather"........

The kids are back in school & getting all settled in. Now I am just trying to enjoy my week off before classes begin for me. While I miss the kids bunches while they are gone, I have to admit the quiet has been kind of nice. I've just been getting a few things done & enjoying some 'mama time.' This morning I am going to a brunch that one of ladies from church is hosting. Can't beat that- 2 of my favorite things: good friends & good food!

I know I am way behind on posting my photos, so for the viewing enjoyment of our OH family in particular (but I hope everyone likes them) over the next couple days I am just gonna put up a variety of photos from the summer :)

And speaking of Ohio family~ I can hardly 2 1/2 weeks my sister & brother-in-law are coming to visit! It is gonna be the best! We are soooooo excited!

So as I promised here is just a few from GEORGIA 2008

D. Showing off her 'moves' in the pool

The kids at the Georgia Aquarium

R. on the jet ski at Westpoint. And NO he was not riding alone! He just wanted a pic by himself :)

Me go-carting with our nephew

The reason we spent sooooo much time in the water (lake, pools, etc.)

Monday, August 4

How sweet it is...................

So you all know about our 'flood' issues and our extended vacation....blah, blah, blah.... the midst of all the chaos we had to postpone D.'s 10th birthday party. See we were due to have a sleepover 2 days after the Great Laundry Room Flood of '08. Bless her heart she didn't complain a single bit about having to cancel. And that was a very good thing cuz how in the world would I have had a house full of 10 years old girls in the midst of house demo????

So with school starting 2 weeks from today, I have realized 'if' we are going to do this whole slumber party thing, time is of the essence. D. is such a great kid and says we don't need to have one at all but she is a awesome kid that never asks for anything. It is our priviledge to give her her 'special day.' The party is now scheduled for this coming Sunday night. Withing our group of friends weeknights actually work better during the summer so the date is set.
So our *spur of the moment* theme is "D's Sweet Shop." This came about because my dear friend Denise, who owns both NonEssentials and Cups, Cones & Candy , volunteered to come up to the party and bring all the fixings for a banana split bar. She adores D. & says this is her present to her. Denise so rocks! So we are gonna run with that & turn it into the theme of the night. decorations will be pretty simple but bright candy colors. And party favors will be candy colored Chinese takeout boxes filled with candy from Cups, Cones & Candy. Now I am just looking for some misc. ideas for the evening. Soooooooooooooooooooooooo if you have any ideas, any at all, let me have it...........

I can't wait to hear what you guys come up with!

Saturday, August 2

Back in the Great Land.....

So we've been back in Alaska for a couple days now & I feel like I have accomplished NOTHING! Doesn't that just make ya nuts..........
I have laundry to do.....but I finshed the Shack. Again I have to say it say it was amazing!
Final exam still isn't done but I have until noon on Monday so it's all good :)
I also need to get our house put 'back together'- construction is done. Now to put everything back in its place........... wish me luck cuz I am sure gonna need it.

Have a great weekend!