Wednesday, January 25

I love my family..... genes, not so much. I attempted to pull my hair back this morning and much to my dismay, there was a clump of about 35 grey hairs just above my left ear that were being really stubborn. They refused to cooperate. Now, I am fully aware that I have a lot of grey hair. It's a family trait...(so Femmie, look out!) but what bothers me so much is how freakin' stubborn they are. They won't color, they won't lay flat...they are just a pain in the ass. When I found my first one (or should I say, my hairdresser in England found it) in 1996 I just tweezed it out. However, if I attempted to pull out all the grey at this point I would look something like this ..... so not a good look for a 31 year old woman. So I have made an appointment with Amber the Hair Diva (my name for her) for Friday.It is long last appointment was November 3rd, just before the Red Jeep Club trip. In just 3 months this head of hair has gonna from looking 'pretty good' to sad-sad-frumpy-housewife-hair. Again, not a good look. So lets hope Friday 'transformation' (who am I kidding, it's just a freakin' appointment) does something for my current funk. And I also seem to hear a few sessions at Extreme Tan calling my name...**do not throw tomatoes on the tanning issue...if you don't agree, just back click on outta here to whatever site you came from** I am fully aware of the dangers of tanning. I don't go to the extreme of looking like an old leather jacket. But until you have lived in Alaska for the winter, you have no idea...
So now I just have to decide , do I just want to freshen up my current style, or search for a whole new 'do'......hmm....

Since I haven't put one up for a couple weeks, here's the newest R.-ism:
Just a few hours ago...
R: I want a bath

Me: Okey-dokey (yes, I did really say that)

R: I want bubbles

Me: yep

R: Lots of bubbles

Me: Sure

R: I want red bubbles like sister had

Me: Huh?

R: The one with the sparklers (he meant sparkles, BTW)

Me: Uhmm.....

***at this point R. scales the bathroom vanity & pulls out a partial bubble bar from Lush that I brought back from Seattle. It was called Ruby Slipper, red with sparkles with an overwhelmingly strong scent of carnations. Blech! I'm convinced they made it on the off chance a Chapter of the Red Hat Society popped in. Hey what can I was the freebie with purchase. I couldn't believe he wanted that one....***

R: This one, with lots of water & lots of bubbles

Me: Okay....

**I begin filling the tub & as I go to shut it off, he beggs me for more water. Finally when we are on the brink of flooding the house, I shut off the water.***

R: Is that all?

Me: Sure is!

R: Okay, I'm done.

Me: What? You just got in???

R: Yeah, but I don't like this one. I really wanted the banana one.


Femmie82 said...

He is soooooooo a part of this family. I love it. I can actually hear us saying something crazy like that. Oh yeah....and about the grey hair issue....I found one the other joke. I just didn't want to put it in my blog and openly admit to millions (hahahahaha) that my family genes were catching up with me. But...since you're willing to step out of that specific closet, I shall hold your hand and peek around the corner with you.'re supposed to have more grey hair than're my OLDER sister...member? Just kidding. Ok. Lub you forty nerdy. And you're beautiful...just so you know.

Stacy said...

***snort** "Hey dude, you got one hair( grey hair that is)!!!" AHHHH! I crack myself up!! Do you remember saying that to Shorty??? ***snort**

Stacy A said...

Are you kidding! We still say that. I totally understand the gray thing and they are a HUGE pain in the ass! I refuse to let them get the best of me though. Not yet - I still have plenty of fight left in this 43 year old body. Oh forget it - who am I kidding - they just keep multiplying until one day they will rule the world (my head). You should have seen Fem when she found her first. It cracked me up!!! We could've howled for hours. Here's looking at you! (remember) Love you & miss you!!