Wednesday, January 4

I've got an itch (or two)...

I don't know if it's the New Year or an attitude shift but I have the itch to do some 'things'......
~I want to make myself an altered planner
~I am going to start a weight loss journal/album. I really need to stick with this
~I want to redecorate in a bad, bad way
~I want to get my hiney back in the gym
~I want to make some new friends. I LOVE all of my current friends, but I want to attend a few crops & meet a few pals who like to scrapbook & such
~I want to plan a vacation for our whole family
~I want to catch up on my long distance correspondance
~I want to reorganize my scrap room
.....okay, I have bored you enough. You can see what I mean though.....I have the itch to do so much & I really need to get on it! Funny thing is that I don't feel overwhelmed by it....quite the opposite...I'm excited & committed. Let's hope I can keep up this momentum!

Tonight I am going to dinner with my friend K. She & her kids live in California due to her son being a child actor, but they are home for a month. We vowed to have a girls night before she & the kids head back next week. I am really excited to just have a few quiet hours with her to 'catch up'. Only problem...the Valley has a very poor selection of good dining looks like we may end up with Happy Meals even sans kids :)


Femmie82 said...

Have fun tonight!!!!!!