Wednesday, February 27

The waiting game.....

Right now I am sitting here:

In the Alaska Consortium Library waiting for my Canadian Lit Professor to post our midterm on Blackboard. We can take the test anywhere we want....we just have to print it out & present her w/ a hard copy by 11:30am AST. So needless to say, I can't do it from home considering we live 47 miles from campus! Wish me luck! (actually this shouldn't be too bad...this is my favorite class this semester. It is the Northeast Asia Midterm that I have next Tuesday that's gonna kill me!

Later gators!

By the way...if any of you are Shelfari Members (see my bookshelf at the right) let me know so I can add you to my friends list!

Thursday, February 7

Chic Flicks & Research Papers........

It is still ridiculously cold here........we've spent weeks in the negative temperatures now! Blech! I am counting the seconds until Spring....I want to drive on dry roads, my kids want to play outside, I WANT my kids to play outside, I want to be able to walk across campus with out risk of life or limb......most of all I want to open up my windows & let fresh air fill my house. Yep.....cabin fever has officially set in :)

So as a means to cope with the 'winter blues', My friend Jen & I spent the entire morning curled up on her sofas, watching chic flicks & eating homemade beniets. OMG! There were oh-so-yummy! And I am confident (*cough-cough*) that they were totally fat-free! :) And if they weren't, I don't wanna know....... (buries head in sand)

Although it was uber cold & windy, it was a perfect, lazy morning! First we watched, one of my personal favs, Calendar Girls.

Jen & I are certain when we get old we are going to be exactly like Kris & Annie...well, with our clothes on. But the whole laughing hysterically at inappropriate times & getting into mischief.....yeah that will be us. Who am I kidding? It already is us! After we laughed & cried through the entire flick, we washed it down with copius amounts of diet Coke & Love Actually.Another personal fav!! I mean what isn't there to love about this movie!!! It is brilliant. So in addition to growing old & mischievious together, Jen & I have decided that we most definitley need to move to Britian together. I lived in Suffolk county, England for several years & loved it. But Jen & I have decided we need to live there together...ya know, for the experience. Now we just need to convince our husbands of this.

So, in case you are wondering.....I totally slacked on my school work for this cinema experience. slacker college student...that is me! I have a huge persentation tomorrow, a test & another presentation due on Monday, a paper for Tuesday, an exam on Wednesday, and a huge paper for next Friday. Oh I can't forget the 2 novels I also have to finish by the end of next week. Yep....I'm just a bit overloaded. So I'm not sure if today's 'free time' was a erroneous move or a sanity saver. Only time will tell..........