Monday, April 30


So I've been tagged by Carrie to share seven RANDOM facts/habits (aka: idiosyncracies) about myself. Here goes:

1. I HATE raw meat. I am totally a meat eater, but it must be very well done. But worse than that, I can't stand to handle raw meat. I don't 'do' chicken with skin or bones, or anything that needs much handling at all. I even know at which store the seafood department will cut the skin off my salmon fillets. And, yes, I drive 20 miles (R/T) out of my way to get said fish. When I make a pot roast I dump it from the little styrofaom tray thing, directly into my crockpot. The thought of touching it gives me the major creeps! yeah...weird...I know

2. I also hate birds. Any & all birds! I don't fear them, I just don't like them. So if you really want to get on my bad side, buy me a bird feeder... Blech!

3. I also hate random noise. I don't expect my house to be quiet, but fidgeting noise drive me crazy. Like if someone is tapping something or clicking or's worse than Chinese Water Torture.

4. I avoid "Hits" & "Bestsellers" like the plague. For instance if everyone raves about the hottest new book or TV show, I am instantly turned off. Yes, I knwo I often end up missing out, but I just don't like to 'jump on the band wagon'. I didn't even read the first Harry Potter until a week before #6 came out. Talk about stubborn.....

5. On the topic of reading....I am a speed reader. When I was in a 'gifted program' in elementary school they put me through a speed reading course. Ever since, I have devoured books. For example...when I finally caved & read Harry Potter...well, I read Books 1-6 in less than 7 days. Thanks heavens for the library & used book store. Otherwise we'd be broke due to my reading habit.

6. I have this thing about 'toe nail'. Mine especially, but it could apply to any & all women. I think toe nails should always be painted. No excuses.....I can't think of the last time i didn't have polish on mine.....atleast 10 years ago...seriously.

7. I hate the top sheet in the bed. can't stand the feel of it. I want a blanket directly on top of my body. So if you were to come inour room first thing in the morning, you'd see the top sheet shoved completely to K.'s side of the bed. It makes him crazy, but after all of these years, he's just had to adapt.

Okay...there you have I tag anyone & everyone who needs something to blog about...Cheers!

Sunday, April 22

Today I am.....

Happy! Not about any single thing but I'm just in a good mood. The sun is shining, it's 59degrees & although it is still a hideous brown outside Spring has finally sprung :) Thus, I will share a few of the things that I am happy about today....

Yesterday was Salon Day. What girl doesn't love getting her 'do on. Both D. & I got pampered....a color & cut for myself & demineralizing, deep conditioning & a cut for my girl. She sooooo needed it. Being in the pool at least 3x per week wreaks havoc on my baby's hair. She was thrilled to walk out with curls rather than the frizz we regularly battle.

I am happy about my can of Enviga.....let me tell you I DO NOT believe it burns the extra 60-100 calories per day as the can claims. But I love the taste & the extra little kick of caffeine it gives me. I love green tea & I adore soda bubbles so this stuff totally rocks! Thank you Heather for bringing me that first can. Love it!

I am loving Planet Earth on the Discovery Channel. It is an absolutely beautiful series. I am not ashamed to tell you I have allowed my kiddos to plant their little bottoms in front of the TV all day to watch this. In fact I have encouraged them to just chill out today & watch TV for a change. It helps that we are in the AST (Alaska Standard Time) Zone so everything comes on so much earlier here. Have I said this show is freaking amazing..... If anyone is so inclined to buy me the series on DVD for any upcoming holiday in the next year, please know that it would be 'the perfect gift' :)

And last but not least, I have started tackling a job that I have been longing to do for ages, but I just couldn't seem to ever start~redecorating my kitchen. It is currently done from floor to ceiling (well almost) in an Americana theme with way more Longaberger than I care to add up. It's been this way for 8 or more. And I am soooo bored. Bored with the Americana, bored with the colors & bored with 'theme decorating'. My tastes have changed over the years & my kitchen, sadly, has not. So a while back I decided I would start redorating when I found things I really loved. So I have's going to be a long process but I am moving in the right direction.

First are my new dishes. Just came across them in the store. I love the color & how they fade from light to dark as you move out from the center (it's kind of hard to see this in the photo). And I recently found this incredible frame at a quirky little store here. Each of the colored pieces is an individual pieces of glass tubing. It really is beautiful. I have pick up a few other odds & end but I won't bore you with them...yet.Later gators :)

Friday, April 20

Friday randomness.....

It's finally Friday...I think that's a good thing

Been uber busy with school, preschool, etc.....but whatever, time is flying.

2 more weeks until we go to Ohio...we can hardly wait. Only thing left to do is pick up our dresses from the alterations place next week :) Here is D in her dress 'partially done'. She is going to look sooo beautiful!

Last night we attended the annual Preschool Family Dance. The kids had a blast....but came home exhausted! You gotta love that

And lastly I am gonna leave you with a picture of my little dude, totally digging his 'coffee' choc is so much better when it comes from the coffee stand. And this mama loves the drive thru coffee stands :)