Friday, January 27

I'm going to......

Vegas, Baby!! Here's the hubby, K. is going to Vegas in February for a week. He is shooting in the World Archery Festival & has been planning this trip for over a year now. He is really psyched about the whole trip & has spent hundreds of hours at the archery range preparing for this competition. However.....since day one he has asked me to join him. And I have consistently said "It just can't happen". Who will watch our kids? And what about the girls (I watch our friends girls during the afternoons, while she & her hubby work)??? It was just all to much to coordinate. Well a yesterday he called from work & I was trying to arrange with him for Heather & I to have a girl's day before he leaves. He said no problem & then got really serious and said

"It's the least I can do.....I feel really bad. I just figured there would be someway you'd swing it & join me in Vegas. But I've realized it's just not gonna happen this time around & I'm not looking forward to it in the same way."

Funny thing was that he wasn't being the least bit pitiful or whiney....just genuinely sad. I felt really bad for him. All this time he just thought I'd just hop on the plane with him & run away for a whole week. In the summer of 2004 we did just that...I had surprised him & took him to Vegas as his present when he retired from the Air Force. It was awesome. Although he has been to Vegas oodles of times, the last trip was together & so he was thinking of Vegas as 'our little getaway'.
Anyway, I hopped on the phone...made calls & made it all happen. I'm not going for the whole week.....I'll just be there for 3 day/2nights. But it's something & I'm gonna make the most of it. I am uber-grateful to both my mom & Heather for helping me to make this happen! I love you both!
We'll be staying at the

Riviera. Neither of us has been there before & I don't think we would have chose it on our own, but the hotel is hosting all the World Archery Festival activities, so that's where many of the competitors are staying...viola. If you've had a good experience there, let me know.....if not, wait & tell me about it when I get back ;) LOL

So since this trip is in just 2 short weeks (I'll arrive in Vegas on the 10th @8a.m.) it's a good thing I made a hair appointment for today. There is nothing worse than a trip with bad hair (**shudders**). So now I am really racking my brains to figure out what to do with this mop....... I found this pic online....what do you think??? Honest answers....... Now let me tell you....I am NOT a celebrity hairstyle type of gal..never attempted to copy one in my whole life...but I like this a lot. And for your reference, here is me.... Now I am fully aware that is hairstyle will not magically transform me into rich, thin & beautiful...but I wanna know if the style will work for me??? So what do ya think???

I'll be sure to take pics afterward......please oh, please...I beg you to let give me your opinion before I head out in about 2 hours!!!


jessi - jessipea said...

This is probably too late...but are skinny and beautiful!

I don't know about rich....but you will be hot!

Have a ton of fun!!!!


Stacy said...

Thanks Jess!! I really appreciate made my day! (And by the wasn't 'too late') :)

Femmie82 said...

I think the hairstyle would work. I want pics girlfriend. And I'm way excited for you and K. I miss you guys. Win me some money in your free

lisa said...

I know this is late but I'll bet it looks great! Where's the pic??

Have fun in Vegas~

G-ma said...

Ok, this is late, but I do have first-hand knowledge (I've seen the results)...the new do looks great! She's gorgeous (as always) and the tan is going to add that needed glow for a perfect week-end with Mr K! The best part....I get to have my grandkids for the weekend!