Thursday, December 29

The case of the runaway mom......

that is what the headlines of the Anchorage Daily News will say on Friday. I told K. tonight on the phone that we will be passing each other tomorrow in airport security as I hand him the keys to the van.....I am leaving on a jet plane (*sing it with me now*) where you ask???? I have no freaking clue....I am just running away.
You see~ I LOVE being a SAHM 99.99% of the time. But when that tiny fraction of a percentage hits, look out. To be honest, I am am in good spirits, just tired. :) I have let my kiddos get way too off schedule during Christmas break & now I am paying for it. Please note that I am taking ownership of this problem (Dr. Phil would be soooooo proud)'s my fault the kids were up late & now I am getting cranky. Nobody's fault but my own. But that doesn't prohibit me from whining about it, now does it?

Then to top it off R. had started having nightmares. The crazy thing is that his bad dreams have involved a toy that used to be one of his very favorites ...he calls this dragon "Blah!", becasue that is kind of the sounds the dragon makes in the Baby Mozart video. Good grief! So now R. is terrified to go to sleep or down to the playroom by himself becasue he doesn't want Blah to get him. So on top of our already nutso sleep issues, we had to spray "Special spray" all around him room. It was really pumpkin scented air freshener from Pier One...but it did the trick, for now..... I gotta remeber to pick up another can of that stuff when we are in town tomorrow just to be safe!

So tomorrow morning we will all be up bright & early (& grumpy) and will schlep ourselves to the airport to greet Daddy with smiles on our faces! Thanks heavens the airport has strategically placed a Starbucks right next to the security gates....I think we will all need it! And yes, you guessed it...I will be the bad mom allowing my kids to consume the mucho caffeine in a Venti Mocha or whatever their drink of choice may be. I am a glutton for punishment because that 'little pick-me-up" will only serve to worsen the sleep issues come tomorrow night.
So there you have it...we have spent our Christmas vacation thus far get our circadian rhythm all wacked out & eating bonbons. But don't despair, the festivities are almost ready to R. has told me & everyone who will listen "Just 3 more sleeps until Santa comes"! Adios!

*** I guess I should explain for those of you who don't know me hubby, K. works out of town for 2 weeks out of the month and then has the next 2 weeks off. So we have an "arrangment" with Santa that he waits until Daddy comes home before he visits our house. I just figured I'd better clarify before started thinking I had really lost it!

Monday, December 26

Keepin' it real....

Once again my mind has wandered down that winding round of misc. thoughts & this is where I arrived....

The other night a friend was over with her 3 kiddos & we were making a batch of cookies. As we baked we had a cd of 80's tunes blaring in the kitchen. We were all singing along & gettin' into the music...or so I thought. Apparently I must havin' been groovin' a bit more than the I spun around, mid-note I notice my friend staring at me in utter disbelief..actually I couldn't tell if it was disbelief or sheer horror. It went something like this:

Kristy: You are soooooooo.....

Me: What??? (I try to sound a tad cocky, as I prepare for the worst...stupid, weird, lame, bizarre...I am waiting...I am preparing to be humiliated beyond repair....)

Kristy: Confident (she says without a moments hesitation) You just never worry what other people think. I wish I had just an ounce of that.

Me: (as I look over my shoulder) Who are you talking about???

**** I have known her for 2 1/2 years now. She must surely know that I am incredibly self-conscience. When she said that you could have knocked me over with a feather. I was stunned. Is that really how she perceives me??? Me? Me that spends hours try to find an outfit in my closet that I think will pass for "normal" at best. Me that fails to breathe every time I'm in a social setting so others don't see how far my stomach pooches over my waistband. Me who has cried way too many times because I always feel like I am lagging behind in every aspect of my life.Me that frets because when I look in the mirror I see a woman who has aged 10 years in the last 4. I really don't think at any point during my life anyone has ever called me confident. Ever....
But you know what, I realized for a few minutes while Lita Ford was blaring in my kitchen I forgot about everything else & was just me. I didn't feel confident (that I can recall, cuz it was all of 3 minutes, I tell ya) but I was just me. And I was having a damn good time.
Later that same night I was up at 3a.m. wrapping gifts and watching season one of Desperate Housewives that I borrowed from a friend. It was the episode where Bree & Rex go into counseling because their marriage is in trouble because she is too perfect. Now you may know where this is going...but I didn't...not until a few nights later.

We were invited to a friends house for dinner. She said come around 5ish & we'll eat at 6. The kids & I arrive right on time and they scurry off to play. My friend apologizes about dinner running a 'tad' behind. To make a long story short, before we ate at 8:30 her smoke alarm went off twice, the dog puked multiple times in the middle of the kitchen floor, the phone rang about 8 times, we had to figure out how to use her Showtime Rotisserie thing (to cook the dinner in), we doled out 2 band-aids and broke up no-less than 7 fights. It was a mad house. And my poor friend was a wreck...she was in good spirits but she kept apologizing over & over for the chaos. She said "you must thing I am sooooo incompetent". And then it all came together.........
We try so hard to be 'perfect'....atleast I do. And I am constantly falling short. I want to have a perfectly clean house, perfect meals, throw the perfect party. I stress myself out.....and always feel like I am ten steps behind. I spend more time than I care to admit wondering how others see me. I don't necessarily want to impress, but I don't want them to think I am some giant loser either. Secretly I loathe the women I know who can pull this all off. I envy them, but I despise them at the same time. And then there is my friend..when we get together, I don't care that her house is cluttered, that she don't look like a cover girl, that our kids fight & that dinner is always "fashionably" late (to be honest, it's just plain ole late :). In fact, I love these things, cuz she is my friend & she is real! And I told her just that. We all wish we were Bree, but we aren't. And we hate the women who are. So I have decided to stop trying while I am ahead......for now I am just gonna keep it real.

Friday, December 23

Is it the end of the "Magic"??????

Call me neurotic..But yes, I am worried about yet another this the last year D. will believe in Santa? I know some people don't make such a big deal about it, or they don't "do" Santa at all. Well that's not me, or us, I should say. Santa is a huge deal around's the 'magic' of it all. D. is 7 1/2 this year and her wheels are turning. She hasn't really said anything about Santa, but she did tell my mom the other day that she's "not sure" about the Tooth Fairy & that she doesn't have it "figured out".
Warning: selfish Mommy rant.........I don't want her to figure it out. I want her to be little, I want her to believe, I want her to enjoy every little breath of her childhood, I WANT my babies to be little forever. What I don't want is for mom's of older kids to say "yeah mine grew up so fast too. Before you know it...blah, blah, blah". Work with me here as I am in denial! The logical part of me knows all of that, but I am emotional mama bear. My entire body (not just my heart) aches when I even think about my kids getting big...really it does. I have a terrible fear that this will be the last year she's a phobia really, the paralyzing kind. I'm sure there is a name for it....there has to be, because there are names for fear of snakes, water, light, clowns, hair...there is surely a name for this one as well. Especially since I KNOW I can't be the only mom who fears this........okay anybody have a name to a good therapist??? So there you have it, I am afraid...afraid of her not believing anymore & afraid of my kids growing up. Somehow I thought putting this all in black & white would be cathartic, but now I just ache more.........

Thursday, December 22


That boy can come up with some crazy is the funny yet emabrassing one for today (this's still early here:)

R: Mom...what's them wobbles?

M: Huh???

R: There...them wobbles?

At this point I notice he is pointing directly to my bare chest, as I am attempting to get dressed.

R: I don't think I like them so much...I like mine better cuz they don't wobble.

S: (said under my breath) Yeah kid, I'll remind you of that in, oh, about 12 years.....

Wednesday, December 21

I wish I could freeze time.....

Last night after I finished online, I drug myself into bed,only to join my 3 1/2 year old sprawled out over the entire king size bed. How is that even possible?? As I nudged him over a tad & then attempted to squeeze my not-so-small self into the space left over, he took a huge, deep breath. You know, when someone is in a really deep sleep & then inhale like they are getting ready to dive under water. And in that second I looked at my baby...not glanced, like I had done moments before....but really looked at his sweet little face. In my entry from last night I said how he scammed into my bed....but you know what...I am so glad he did. As I took in eveery detail of his sweet little face, I snuggled as close to him as I could possibly get...he was so warm & smelled so sweet. And, yes, like a big baby I cried....I cried because I love him so much, I cried because I am so lucky that God chose me to be his mama, I cried because I had just read a blog a half-hour earlier of a woman whois desperatley grieving the loss of her daughter, & I cried because before I know it he is gonna be so big & won't want his mama to snuggle him anymore. Too often I get frustrated & try to shoo him to his own bed.....but I need to enjoy it while he's little. I need to slow down & be more patient with both of the kids. Although I am scurrying around all day, they just want those little moments. And before long I am gonna be the one longing for those moments gone by, & they'll be too busy for we snuggled~ all night we snuggled :)

On another note...I have been tagged by Femmie (see what I started) for the Christmas tag, so here it goes......
1. Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate? Egg Nog
2. Does Santa wrap presents or just set them under the tree? Santa always wrapped the presents...
3. Colored lights on tree/house or white? White except for in the kids room & my little ceramic tree from when I was guys know the kind I speak of
4. Do you hang mistletoe? anyone
5. When do you put your decorations up? Shortly after Thanksgiving, sometime whenn Keith is home
6. What is your favorite holiday dish (excluding dessert)? Stuffing
7. Favorite Holiday memory as a child? favorite...too many to count...funniest, Christmas Eves in the ditch..yes, Eves is supposed to be plural
8. When and how did you learn the truth about Santa? I was like 7 or 8 and opened my mom's closet to see gifts piled in there with tags from Santa
9. Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve? yep
10.What kind of cookies does Santa get set out for him? Choc chip
11. Snow! Love it or Dread it? Love it...just not for 8 months
12. Can you ice skate? Yep
13. Do you remember your favorite gift as a child? my big cream colored teddy bear & them as a teen my K-Swiss shoes
14. What's the most important thing about the holidays for you? Being with family
15. What is your favorite Holiday Dessert? all the not good for my thighs
16. What is your favorite holiday tradition? Christamas morning with the kids
17. What tops your tree? An angel
18. Which do you prefer Giving or Receiving?giving...I love being a mom
19. What is your favorite Christmas Carol? O Holy Night
20. Candy Canes! Yuck or Yum? yuck

Tuesday, December 20

It's the little things.....

I am so caught up in everything & anything that needs done for the holidays (like practically everyone I know) that I forgot to help D. put up her little tree in her room until tonight. Truth be told, I would have forgotten again tonight, had she not reminded me. But it's a pink foil My Little Pony tree & she is in love. It just melted my heart...and while she put her ornaments on the tree I hung a string of white lights in her bedroom window. You'd have thought I gave her $100....she was in awe. I guess I often forget how much the little things mean to my kiddos :) I really need to stay focused on that over the next 10 days.

Yeah...that's right...10 days. Although we are going to my mom's for Christmas & having a mini-holiday over there, we will wait until the 30th to have our real-deal. K. is away at the Slope & so we wait and do it when he gets home. We've even told the kids that we have a special arrangment with Santa so that he won't come until after Daddy gets home. We did this last year too & it worked really well. So..yep, my kids still have 10 more days. D. is fine with it, but R. is chompin' at the bit in true 3 year old fashion.

Anyway, we did some "Christmas stuff" this evening, wrapped presents for the birthday party tomorrow, & just generally hung out. I had planned to hit the hay early with the kids, but instead I got wrapped up in MTV Cribs. What's up with that? Why is it so easy to get sucked into that crap??? What do I care about Macy Gray's house? There truly must be some secret subliminal shit that keeps viewers glued to MTV..I'm serious. Kind of like the Real World & all of those shows. Heaven help us if a RW marathon comes on, cuz I can guarantee you K & I will get absolutely nothing done that day. It's a sickness I tell you.....I wonder if there is a support group???
I need to get some shut eye...I am off to join the little scammer who piled up in my bed instead of I said, true 3 year old fashion!

Kid quote of the week:
R:(in the cutest 3 year old voice) Mama, if you wet me open just that pwesent, I will gib you a tweat.
~Not a chance little dude, not a chance ;)

Monday, December 19

Damn...I've been tagged....

Just when I was about to find a cave to hibernate in, I've been here it goes, the info you are just dying to know *insert sarcasm*....
A-Z About Me
This quiz was sent by a friend...
A-Age: 31

B-Bed size: King .....& not big enough when 2 kids creep in at night
C-Chore you hate: Dishes

D-Dessert you love: Ice cream
E-Essential start your day item:diet coke
F-Favorite actor(s): Sean Connery
G-Gold or Silver:I wear gold & like it, but I have become quite fond of silver

I-Instruments you play: none
J-Job title: mom
K-Keeping track of your day: Franklin Planner

L-Living arrangements: great house on a cul-de-sac in a small town with my hubby & kids
M-Mom's name:Jacqueline
N-Not liking right now: my to-do list
O-Overnight hospital stay other than birth: twice

P-Phobia: birds & anything creepy~crawly
Q-Quote you like: Do not measure the size of the mountain; talk to the One who can move it. Instead of carrying the world on your shoulders, talk to the One who holds the Universe on His
R-Right or left handed: right
S-Siblings: Femmie plus 3 half-sisters & 1 half-brother
T-Time you woke up today: 7a.m.

U-Unique habit: photographic memory
V-Vegetable you hate: greens

W-Worst habit: procrastinating
X-X'rays you've had: too many to name
Y-Yummy food you can make: Pumpkin cheesecake
Z-Zodiac sign: Pisces

Tag're it!!!

It's got to be Monday....

cuz I am in a funk.Nothing horrible...just feeling really down. So much to do...never enough time. I know it's that way for everyone this time of year (the so much to do part), but man....I wish I could see some light at the end of this tunnel. I need to bake, clean, do laundry, wrap a crapload of gifts, pick up just a few more things (literally, 2 stops, max. & both within 2 miles of my house), do laundry, try to spend some quality time with the kid-folk, attend 2 birthday parties..........
.......yeah you read that right. We have not 1, but 2 birthday parties to go to this week. One on Wed. during the day & the other Thursday evening. I don't mean to sound rude, but who in their right mind tries to throw a birthday party for their kid just days before Christmas??? What the??? I know they can't change the kids 'official birthday', but work with it. A half-birthday??? Anything but a party just before Christmas. Life is hectic enough already, plus in my opinion it's takes away some of the 'specialness' for the birthday kiddo. KWIM?
anyway...I got off track of my giant addition to all of the above I am exhausted. Sleep has become a rare commoditiy around here & I just want some shut eye! If you have any to spare, zip it over my way. I am on overload & emotionally raw....I don't want to go into it.....just ready for a new year......

Of course I have to post

my favortie little man R. this past summer at the Seward Sea Life Center. Enjoy!

This is it.....

I am making the switch.....I am leaving that "other" blog hosting site..they *cough* were a pain in rear & then my faulous sister pointed me in this direction. So I followed her lead & Blogger is my new home. I brought a few posts from my old haunts with me (you'll find them below, scroll down).....but I am leaving that other place looking back for this chic! I'll try to get the new format figured out & get pictures up again soon! Later...... (note the time...I really gotta hit the hay.....)

Due to a middle of the night phone call

I don't know about anyone else but when the phone rings in the middle of the night it always leaves me a little weirded out. Like last night, I'm snoozin' away & the phone rings at 2:38am. What the????? I look at the caller ID & it's my dad. I freak out thinkin' someone has died & he has called to tell me that sister K. is on her way to the hospital in active labor. Okay...she was due this coming Saturday...we all knew than baby had to come out why call me in the middle of the night to tell me they are drivin' to the hospital. I live over 3500miles away...I couldn't make it in time if I tried.LOL was kind of cute. It is grandchild #5 & yet he was soooooo excited. I think he called me cause he knew he had a captive audience.
So after I hang up the phone, I am wide awake. I flip on the TV & the greatest show of all time (read:mucho sarcasm) is on......Maury Povich . Now really people....if your girlfriend tells you she wants you to go to the Maury show with her because she has a secret, it is NEVER a good thing. Hello???? As I lay awake watching this poor excuse for entertainment, I was totally lady had an affair over 11 years ago & one of her 4 kids *might* not be her husband's. So now she decides to tell him. I'm thinking "why now"? You didn't see the need for the last 11years! And why on national TV. Yeah, Maury gives you a free paternity test, but now all of America knows your business. Talk about whack! Then there is this other situation...the guy says he is 200% sure he ain't the father since he swears he never slept with the mother . Well...first of all, you can't have a whole lot of confidence in a guy who doesn't even understand basic math...there is NO 200%. Go back to high school dude. And then sure enough the test proved he was the father. Obviuously he also needs a lesson in the birds & the bees. And last but not least there is always the chic that is back for the 3rd time because the first 9 guys she tested are not the father, so she has rounded up a few more. Can you say "ewww!" I mean....have some freakin' self respect...pick a guy & stick with him for more than 15 minutes. And if you are so skanky that you can't make that type of commitment, atleast save yourself some humiliation and don't go to see Maury. Not only are these girls the town skanks, but their sexual history has now been broadcast all over the free world. Where in the world do they find these people???
Lesson here:
1. Do not fall for it when your spouse/lover says "I love you, but I have a secret. Let's go see Maury"
2. Do not say I never did the deed, when you know dang well there is a chance Maury can prove you did. Be the bigger person & get it over with.
3. Do not put yourself in a position to have half of your voting precint be tested for your child's paternity.
4. And not say "200%" if you want to appear seriously intelligent! if you are joking it's one thing, but when you are trying to be credible, 100% will suffice. Is that clear????
Whew...glad I got that oh-so-important info off my chest. If I help just one person...ah, who the hell am I was just a mindless rant! What can I say, it was 3 o'clock in the morning! :)
On a happier note my sister K. delivered a healthy baby girl. D. is way excited cuz she finally has a girl cousin. Up until now she has been the only girl with a total of 5 boy cousins plus one little brother. Congrats K. & welcome Baby K.!

Meme challenge #17

from Two Peas
This week [Nov 28th] we are taking a cue from Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way exercise for recovering a sense of identity. Our exercise this week is to list 20 things you enjoy doing [rock climbing, roller skating, baking pies, making soup, bike riding, horse riding, shooting baskets, running, reading poetry, etc.] When was the last time you let yourself do these things? If you want, next to each entry place a date. Don't be surprised if it's been years for some of your favorites. THAT WILL CHANGE! Do what you love!
Stacy's 20(in no particular order):
3.Creating~altering things, crafty stuff in general
4.Going to the beach
5.Going on a road trip
6.Shopping with a friend
7.Going to the movies
8.Reading (Love it!)
9.Traveling to somewhere new
10.Treasure hunt....ya know, search for the oh-so-perfect thing!
11. Horseback ride
12. Sit around & have drinks with friends (preferably in a home, not a bar)
13.Dance with my husband
15.Go out somewhere just for dessert
16. Snuggle with my kids
17. Hang out with my WHOLE family in the kitchen at 'home'...the red brick house in Ohio....if you know what house I'm talking about, then you know exactly what I mean! I miss that!
18.Be silly & stupid...and laugh....doing this with Femmie is the best of all!
20.Plan parties....I would love to do this professionally
so there you have it...I'm sure there are more. And since Femmie doesn't frequent Two Peas....I am 'tagging' her with this challenge...let's see what you got girlie!!!

Do you ever wonder

how you got 'here'? (No, not my fab-u-licious blog, silly!) 'Here', as in this point in your know, like how one might think of all kinds of random things. I do this all the time...first I start thinking about my grocery list & before I know it I have followed a long & winding trail of 40 random thoughts until I am pondering what my friend Maureen in England is doing these days??? What the??? I mean, how did I get 'there'?
So, I am picking up R. from preschool early 'cuz he developed a tummy ache. As I am watching him climb into the van, I am overwhelmed by how little he is. Now anyone who knows my kids IRL, is very aware that they aren't little for their ages...but in that moment he seemed so small to me. Here is this beautiful little dude (as he likes to be called) & as I look at him, my mind takes off on that winding trail once again.......where did the last 3 1/2years go?? When did I become a Mommy~ to not 1 but 2 kiddos??? Didn't we just get married....oh, yeah...that's right we have an anniversary next'll be 3, no 5....wait can it really be...9 years???? How did that happened???? Wasn't it just yesterday that K. & I met??? And when did I become a domesticated woman...driving a minivan, stopping at the mocha stand on the way to school, fighting the battle of grey hair & impending wrinkles? My life is like some commericial for fabric softener or deoderant or something...a beige house on a cul-de-sac, 2 kids, a great hubby, a van & a gym membership....carpooling & all I need is a dog.... And for a few seconds I just stood there in awe of 'my world'? And I looked at the in the world did this girl from po-dunk Ohio end up in Alaska???
Don't get me wrong....I love every ounce of 'here'...but wasn't I just a teenager itching to get out into the real world??? Wow...time really does fly when you are having fun.....
Kid Quote of the Week:
R: Mom is it time for dessert? Cuz you know that is my fabe-orite kind of food!

Meme Challenge #15

Okay peeps, it's here~ the official Two Peas Meme Challenge #15! Thanks Neeka! You rock! And to those of you who might have noticed that I skipped #14...well...I'll admit, I am a Meme Challenge Loser! I just couldn't figure out how to do it, so I flaked...what more can I say???
So here's the challenge:
This week [Oct 24th] we are talking music. Maybe music that you don't normally talk about. Yep, guilty pleasures. Those musical loves that would surprise us that you like. [or they don't have to be guilty you could just pick unique groups].
I am sooooo loving this! I LOVE music...any & all (for the most part)! And there is no running theme to what you might find playing around here at any given moment. However, I do refrain from playing certain selections when I am entertaining for fear of social I guess we'll see if I still have any friends after the post! :)
Guilty Pleasures Music:
1. Old Country~ Like George Jones, Conway Twitty, Tammy Wynette, Johnny Cash. I love those tunes! I adore George Jones's "He Stopped Loving Her Today". These bring back memories of being a little girl & spending hours looking at the album covers in my mom's collection.....
2. Bag 'em! I could listen to bag pipes all day long!
3. Lady Marmalade by Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim, Mya and Pink from Moulin Rouge! I haven't even seen the movie...but I love that tune!
4.Elton John's "Something About The Way You Look Tonight"
5. Neil Diamond~ That man is fabulous! How can someone NOT love Neil Diamond????
6.Lynyrd Skynyrd~ that is some fab drinkin' music. And not martini drinkin'....I mean knockin' a few back at Montana Creek during King Season drinkin'! Man...summer seems so far away!
7. Okay...I'll just say it....I LOVE ELVIS! Had I been a teen during the height of his career, I would have definatley been a groupie...ya know, run away from home just to get to his next concert & act like a raging fool, screaming & crying & dying to get his attention! Yep, that would've been me!
8. On that note...let's keep it in the family...right now playing in my van is Lisa Marie Presley's "Now What". K. & I were out on a date & the CD came up in the changer. He was really getting into it & asked "who's this?" He about died when I told him. A definate "what the?" moment!
9.Old Clapton 'em! My favorite is "Wonderful Tonight". But really I like them all!
10. I love Soundtracks...sometimes even from movies I didn't like. For example I love the soundtrack to "Dr. T & the women" Go figure! And more often-than-not I will buy the freakin' CD just to hear one or two songs.
Now that list is only the tip of the iceburg. I could go on all day. It has become espeically bad since the stores have gotten those little scanner devices where you can scan any CD & listen to it before you buy it. So NOT good on the budget! :)
Oh..wait!!! I've got one more for extra credit~ Cowboy Troy! If you haven't heard him, you are missing out! I am off for now, to take something for this raging headache I I can blare some guilty pleasures music!

In honor of my girl Heather

since tomorrow is her birthday, I will discuss one of our 'private lingos'. ***Let me preface this by saying, we are a couple wild, crazy gals. When we get together..things get just plain silly! And we can take the most mundane topic & turn it into a 2-woman stand-up act. Don't ask me how or why...we just do! The only thing funnier is when we get my sister Femmie in the mix...that is one wild ride!***
So anyway, we have decided we have no use for the 'dollar'. We have developed our own currency.......all things that we buy, sell, borrow, steal, pillage (wait...I'm gettin' off track here....) is done in our own currency. Our currency includes the following: Banana pants, Level Vodka, & Lush Products. For example, one day H. was at the repair shop & the guy wanted to charge her $200 more than the quote. And he had the nerve to act like a $200 discrepancy was no big deal. We were like "$200?? That's like a pair of Banana pants and 2 bottles of Level Vodka". Or do you realize my hubby's monthly archery league dues are worth one pair of Banana pants or a big, fabulous box of goodies from Lush. No long do we speak in the value of a dollar......but in our own currency. ***Please note the currency listed above is subject to change due to any successful shopping trip or drinking binge***
Think about...what is your currency???????

I soooo love that kid

R. that is. He is 3 1/2 & so damn cute! But not only is he cute, he is funny & smart & just plain crazy! (He definately got that from his dad. LOL) Every minute of every day is an adventure with that little nut! I never know what kind of mood he is going to be in or what he is going to say next. Just today, for example:
(backround: he is sitting on the potty doing the obvious)
R: Mommy, what is the hole in the bottom of the potty for?
Me: Well....that where 'everything' goes down.....(as I sit there praying that is the end of this particular discussion)'s kinda like a waterslide for poop???
What the???......where does he come up with this stuff!!! :)
And on a different note~ tonight I get to play toothfairy! D. finally lost another tooth. It has been over a year since she has lost one on her own. She was 7 in June & the whole 'teeth' thing is really slow going for her. She lost her first 2 last September. Then in December they extracted 3, due to severe overcrowding. Just last month, the orthodontist told her to work on getting 4 more out in the next 6 months or extraction will be in her future. Phew...1 down, 3 to go!!! I can't wait to see her face in the morning........

Meme Challenge 12

a meme n (mëm): is an idea that is shared and passed from blog to blog, like a question posted in one blog and answered in many other blogs.
10 "Weird Facts About You"
This week [Sept 26th] we are going silly and talking about our quirks. Things about us that are abnormal, bizarre, crazy, curious, far out, flaky, fly ball, freakish, funky, funny, geeky, kooky, nutty, odd, oddball, off-center, offbeat, outlandish, peculiar, strange, uncommon, unconventional, unusual, way out, weird, AND whacky..
1. I hate meat. Well, I like to eat it but it must be well done. And I hate to touch it. Totally freaks me out!! eewww! I am sitting here shivering just to think about it!
2. I am the only person in my house who can't roll their tongue :(
3.My favorite color is beige. I am developing an affinity for bright pink, but my true favorite color is beige.
4. I despise birds..all kinds...wild, domesticated, big, little...even eagles & doves. Kill 'em all!
5.I hate the top sheet. I shove it off of me. If I didn't sleep with my hubby, I wouldn't even bother to put the top sheet on at all.
6.Although I don't mind a good debate in real life, I can't stand confrontations on TV or in movies. I HAVE to change the channel. Or if someone is about to totally embarass themselves on TV, I just can't bare to watch!
7.I am one of the founding members of the "Red Jeep Club". If you don't know what this is, you are not alone...most people wouldn't just means you aren't quite 'crazy enough'! :)
8.I hate to be a passenger in a car!! I like to drive, but being a passenger brings on a panic attack.
9.I had pica while I was pregnant. I ate ice the tune of a 10lb bag a day!! Destroyed my teeth, To this day I still can't drink a glass of water without chomping on the ice.
10. I am a complusive list maker. I can't fully process anything until I put it on paper. And I love to use a plain old sheet of notebook paper & a pencil. I have lists & notes for just about everything!!! Just call me "Stacy the Tree Killer"......

Wrong on so many levels....

Mom calls to chat on her commute home...
Me: Did you read my email awhile back...blah, blah, blah...
Mom: I don't know
Me: You would know if you read had the link to my blog.
Mom:Why do you have a blog??
what the?????? Somehow am I unworthy of a blog...just kidding Mom! I know you'll rush home & read it now, so I just have to call you on it!!! ;) Love you, Mom!


Attn all readers: I am spelling impaired....well, thats not entirely correct....I am proof reading impaired. So please be advised this Blog will most likely contain major spelling & grammactical errors. If it doesn't, consider yourself lucky! Also, be aware that my spelling issues have been know to be contagious to those around me....if you comment on my blog, if I comment on yours, if we read each others or have ever frequented the same site at anytime, for any reason you are most likely doomed!

Friends don't let friends.....

dress like that!!! If you live anywhere within the civilized world, you know what I am talking about! Picture this:
You are walking through the mall, minding your own business while sipping on a Tall-Tan-Skinny-Mocha, and you spot it out of the corner of your eye. Before you know what is happening you are overcome by a wave of naseua & a blinding migrane. The cause of such distress??? The fashion faux pas of a small group of teenagers loitering in the food court. Although they are wearing jeans & long sleeved shirts (sounds modest enough, eh?) there are ALL kinds of pieces and parts poking out that nobody wants to see....not even the nearby table of guys with whom they are shamelessly flirting.
I don't care if you are 16 & sickeningly cute, have some common sense. No matter how attractive you are, you butt crack is NOT! Now I am not talking about poor fashion sense, as I myself am not a picture of Haute Courture. I, too, have fallen victim to the perils of low-rise jeans whilst bending over, but these girls are standing up right!! And the 'crack attack' is just the beginning of it. I am talking about fashion something out of People Magazine "Worst Fashion Disasters of All Time". Otherwise very attractive girls (& women) wearing things that should not even be attempted in the dark. HELLO??? I must admit, I don't blame the poor girl committing the 'misdemeanor' ....I actually feel sorry for her. The poor thing must not have any friends. She couldn't possibly have a single one. Because if she did, they sure wouldn't let her go out dressed looking like that!!!

Step away from the book....

nice & easy now....just put the book down~ Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince that is. I am such a helpless book addict. Once I start a book, I can't put it down. I am one of those poor souls that gets so caught up in the story that I forget it's just fiction & am always terribly depressed when I reach the last page. It's like my best friend has died. It's over, gone.... I am the same way with a really great movie~ I want to know more (NO! I NEED to know more!) It's sick I tell you. For instance when I watched the very last frame of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy I just wanted to cry. "It's can't be" I tell myself. So essentially I rush to get through a book & then am beside myself when I am finished. It's really a bizarre torture rital. Does anyone know a support group for this kind of thing????
What's even worse is that I am EXHAUSTED...I have been wanting to crawl in my bed since about 5pm. So why am I up at 10:30 pouring over the most recent events at Hogarts??? Again, I blame it on 'the sickness'. The kids have been in bed for 2 1/2hours and I haven't gotten a darn thing done except reading. Hmph! It's insanity! And I am like this with ALL books....even magazines. If there is any form of reading material I HAVE to read it..cover to cover. Even catalogs & junk mail! (But the true obsession lies with stories of substance.) So if anyone has any suggestions for my next great 'adventure' be sure to let me know. Alaskan winters are long & I'm already planning for my next great escape!
Off to bed...walk past the book NOT pick it can do it..atta girl............................

Hmmm...I wonder who will read this...

But, does it really matter??? This is just me, written for me, about me...and so on & so forth. To be quite honest, blogging is a really foreign concept to me but intriguing, at the same time. I have read quite a few blogs over the past week or so and am so addicted! You know how it click on one link and before you know it, you've spent the whole bloody evening online. I love to journal & I love to scrapbook...and this is just a fabulous mesh of the two. I am sure when my friends find out, they'll say "what the..." (that's for you Heather :) because no one I know IRL blogs. From what they've told me, they've never even read a blog. I guess we just behind the times here in Alaska as usual.
Which brings me to my title, Life "Inside". Here in AK we call everywhere & anywhere else "Outside". If you go to Seattle, Hawaii, New York, Japan...wherever, it's "outside". So here is my life "inside".
More later...I need to play with all the cool features this little ditty has....