Tuesday, November 20

Get out your wallets.....

cause I am going to have to start taking donations for little R.'s "Therapy Fund". Seriously I think I scarred my child for life today.......

Before picking him up from school I stopped at the mini-mart for a diet Coke & I threw a bag of gummi bears up on the counter for my boy as a little treat

So as he climbs in the van & tells me what a great day he had, I hand him this bag of yumminess....

R: thanks mama! Can you open them?

Me: Sure thing buddy!

At this point I notice he puts a single bear in his little mouth with a grimace and then swallows it whole. What the???? The boy LOVES candy, any and ALL candy...he would eat it 24/7 if I let him......

And then it happened....the tears started to flow.......by the bucketful.....accompanied by silent sobs. No drama.....I sat there dumbfounded as I watched my son's heart break in slow motion.....and yet I had NO idea why.........

Me: Baby, what's wrong?

R: I can't do it......(at this point he hands the bag of gummies back to me )......I just can't eat them

Me: Does your tummy hurt?

R: No mama....I just can't eat Dadu's babies. (at this point he totally fell apart in my arms)

Yes....readers meet my son's very best friend in the whole-wide-world, Dadu. He loves this bear like most little boys love their dog. The innocent love of a child..... They go everywhere together. R. was devastated when he realized Dadu couldn't go to kindergarten with him. And what did I do....I tried to feed him Dadu's babies???? What kind of mother am I????? Holy crap!
And if that wasn't bad enough, for the next 2 hours he would just spontaneously break out sobbing and say "I just can't get it out of my mind...." It was just so pitiful!
So, yes, I get the Bad Mom of the Year award...maybe even the decade.....I totally (even if accidently) messed with my 5 year old's head big time today.....

Monday, November 19

Monday Randomness.........

yep, I have been a bad, bad blogger....but, in my defense I have never claimed to be a good one :)

yes, I have neglected this poor blog but I have been uber busy with various facets of my life

it' soooooooooooo cold & sooooooooooooo dark & it's not even Thankgiving yet :(

I have loads of photos to share but d@mn blogger won't let me upload them today.....ugh!

have any of you seen Old Navy's new holiday bath & body line? While I was standing in line to return a pair of jeans for R. today, I "sampled" their Green Apple Cider lotion.......hey, my hands were super dry & I love yummy smelling stuff. All I can say is eewwwwwwwwwww.........that was 8 hours & a dozen handwashings ago and I still stink to high heaven. Let me warn you, that crap smells like Hall's Cherry Cough Drops. Yuck! I don't know who in creation thought that smelled even remotely like apple-anything but they were sooooooooo wrong! Save you $$$$$

So what food are you most looking forward to on Thanksgiving????? Me.....hmmm.............I think that would probably be good ole white meat turkey! Yummy! Well & a side of gravy would hurt either :)