Tuesday, December 20

It's the little things.....

I am so caught up in everything & anything that needs done for the holidays (like practically everyone I know) that I forgot to help D. put up her little tree in her room until tonight. Truth be told, I would have forgotten again tonight, had she not reminded me. But it's up...it a pink foil My Little Pony tree & she is in love. It just melted my heart...and while she put her ornaments on the tree I hung a string of white lights in her bedroom window. You'd have thought I gave her $100....she was in awe. I guess I often forget how much the little things mean to my kiddos :) I really need to stay focused on that over the next 10 days.

Yeah...that's right...10 days. Although we are going to my mom's for Christmas & having a mini-holiday over there, we will wait until the 30th to have our real-deal. K. is away at the Slope & so we wait and do it when he gets home. We've even told the kids that we have a special arrangment with Santa so that he won't come until after Daddy gets home. We did this last year too & it worked really well. So..yep, my kids still have 10 more days. D. is fine with it, but R. is chompin' at the bit in true 3 year old fashion.

Anyway, we did some "Christmas stuff" this evening, wrapped presents for the birthday party tomorrow, & just generally hung out. I had planned to hit the hay early with the kids, but instead I got wrapped up in MTV Cribs. What's up with that? Why is it so easy to get sucked into that crap??? What do I care about Macy Gray's house? There truly must be some secret subliminal shit that keeps viewers glued to MTV..I'm serious. Kind of like the Real World & all of those shows. Heaven help us if a RW marathon comes on, cuz I can guarantee you K & I will get absolutely nothing done that day. It's a sickness I tell you.....I wonder if there is a support group???
I need to get some shut eye...I am off to join the little scammer who piled up in my bed instead of his...like I said, true 3 year old fashion!

Kid quote of the week:
R:(in the cutest 3 year old voice) Mama, if you wet me open just that pwesent, I will gib you a tweat.
~Not a chance little dude, not a chance ;)


Femmie82 said...

He is soooooo a part of this family! I laughed so hard at the kid quote. Can't you see Dad doin stuff like that? And Dad would have caved and given him something...lol. Anyway, I miss you guys and love you lots!!! Give hugs to everyone....