Monday, December 19

Do you ever wonder

how you got 'here'? (No, not my fab-u-licious blog, silly!) 'Here', as in this point in your know, like how one might think of all kinds of random things. I do this all the time...first I start thinking about my grocery list & before I know it I have followed a long & winding trail of 40 random thoughts until I am pondering what my friend Maureen in England is doing these days??? What the??? I mean, how did I get 'there'?
So, I am picking up R. from preschool early 'cuz he developed a tummy ache. As I am watching him climb into the van, I am overwhelmed by how little he is. Now anyone who knows my kids IRL, is very aware that they aren't little for their ages...but in that moment he seemed so small to me. Here is this beautiful little dude (as he likes to be called) & as I look at him, my mind takes off on that winding trail once again.......where did the last 3 1/2years go?? When did I become a Mommy~ to not 1 but 2 kiddos??? Didn't we just get married....oh, yeah...that's right we have an anniversary next'll be 3, no 5....wait can it really be...9 years???? How did that happened???? Wasn't it just yesterday that K. & I met??? And when did I become a domesticated woman...driving a minivan, stopping at the mocha stand on the way to school, fighting the battle of grey hair & impending wrinkles? My life is like some commericial for fabric softener or deoderant or something...a beige house on a cul-de-sac, 2 kids, a great hubby, a van & a gym membership....carpooling & all I need is a dog.... And for a few seconds I just stood there in awe of 'my world'? And I looked at the in the world did this girl from po-dunk Ohio end up in Alaska???
Don't get me wrong....I love every ounce of 'here'...but wasn't I just a teenager itching to get out into the real world??? Wow...time really does fly when you are having fun.....
Kid Quote of the Week:
R: Mom is it time for dessert? Cuz you know that is my fabe-orite kind of food!