Monday, December 19

Meme challenge #17

from Two Peas
This week [Nov 28th] we are taking a cue from Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way exercise for recovering a sense of identity. Our exercise this week is to list 20 things you enjoy doing [rock climbing, roller skating, baking pies, making soup, bike riding, horse riding, shooting baskets, running, reading poetry, etc.] When was the last time you let yourself do these things? If you want, next to each entry place a date. Don't be surprised if it's been years for some of your favorites. THAT WILL CHANGE! Do what you love!
Stacy's 20(in no particular order):
3.Creating~altering things, crafty stuff in general
4.Going to the beach
5.Going on a road trip
6.Shopping with a friend
7.Going to the movies
8.Reading (Love it!)
9.Traveling to somewhere new
10.Treasure hunt....ya know, search for the oh-so-perfect thing!
11. Horseback ride
12. Sit around & have drinks with friends (preferably in a home, not a bar)
13.Dance with my husband
15.Go out somewhere just for dessert
16. Snuggle with my kids
17. Hang out with my WHOLE family in the kitchen at 'home'...the red brick house in Ohio....if you know what house I'm talking about, then you know exactly what I mean! I miss that!
18.Be silly & stupid...and laugh....doing this with Femmie is the best of all!
20.Plan parties....I would love to do this professionally
so there you have it...I'm sure there are more. And since Femmie doesn't frequent Two Peas....I am 'tagging' her with this challenge...let's see what you got girlie!!!