Monday, December 19

In honor of my girl Heather

since tomorrow is her birthday, I will discuss one of our 'private lingos'. ***Let me preface this by saying, we are a couple wild, crazy gals. When we get together..things get just plain silly! And we can take the most mundane topic & turn it into a 2-woman stand-up act. Don't ask me how or why...we just do! The only thing funnier is when we get my sister Femmie in the mix...that is one wild ride!***
So anyway, we have decided we have no use for the 'dollar'. We have developed our own currency.......all things that we buy, sell, borrow, steal, pillage (wait...I'm gettin' off track here....) is done in our own currency. Our currency includes the following: Banana pants, Level Vodka, & Lush Products. For example, one day H. was at the repair shop & the guy wanted to charge her $200 more than the quote. And he had the nerve to act like a $200 discrepancy was no big deal. We were like "$200?? That's like a pair of Banana pants and 2 bottles of Level Vodka". Or do you realize my hubby's monthly archery league dues are worth one pair of Banana pants or a big, fabulous box of goodies from Lush. No long do we speak in the value of a dollar......but in our own currency. ***Please note the currency listed above is subject to change due to any successful shopping trip or drinking binge***
Think about...what is your currency???????