Monday, December 19

This is it.....

I am making the switch.....I am leaving that "other" blog hosting site..they *cough* were a pain in rear & then my faulous sister pointed me in this direction. So I followed her lead & Blogger is my new home. I brought a few posts from my old haunts with me (you'll find them below, scroll down).....but I am leaving that other place looking back for this chic! I'll try to get the new format figured out & get pictures up again soon! Later...... (note the time...I really gotta hit the hay.....)


G-ma said...

Wonderful..I'm just so flipping happy for you and Femmie that you've both found a new "blog home" or whatever it is. It's now 9:45 am on Monday morning. I arrived at work at approx 8:25 am, filled my coffee mug (made by my oh-so-talented daughter), sat down in my office , opened my email and have been sitting here reading blogs! So much for a good start to a Monday morning!
Weather update...since I have one of the best views of the mountains from my office window I have to tell you...the sunrise this morning is gorgeous. A deep blue sky with whispy dark clouds, highlighted in a breath-taking shade of pink by the sun not quite over the mountains yet. This is incredible. So, my first thought is to shut my door, kick back with my coffee and just enjoy. But then as I relax I know I'll just start thinking sentimental thoughts of the Christmas season and the next thing I'll be sitting here sobbing like a baby cause I miss everyone so much and I'd give anything for just one more Christmas of Mom baking cookies as Dad sits at the kitchen table drinking coffee. But of course, I want my two grandcildren there playing and running thru the house....these things can never be. I'm a dreamer, ok? Let me dream and enjoy for just a second! (Tick-tock, tick-tock)....ok, back to reality! Wipe the tears and paste on a smile. Be ever so greatful for today and now. Get my lazy butt to work before someone realizes I haven't done one work-related thing so far this morning. Love you, Stacy!