Friday, March 3

My baby is growing up!!!

Happy Birthday, Little Dude!!!
I can't believe he has gotten so big, so fast!!! Four years ago we welcomed our son into the world & oh, what a ride it has been! I had no idea what kind of joy a boy could bring into my life. And I am continually amazed at how in love with that litttle face I am. So here's to my little man & another fabulous year ahead!!! Love you R.!
R.'s 1st birthday

My little dude today with the uber-cool toy he bought with his gift card from his Aunt Stacy, Aunt Femmie & Uncle Bud! He loves it!!!


Femmie82 said...

I feel like he was just born, I was just in Alaska after his birth, we just played peek with the sheers on your bed, and he just had his first talk with the crock pot. I remember wondering what our family would do with a boy...and now I wonder what we'd do without him. I love this little guy!!! Give him hugs.

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em said...

What a cutie...that is quite a cake he had!!!

glo-girl said...

What a cutie all the pics...Happy b-day little man! :)

angieoh! said...

Wow! What a total honey! I have been reading through your blog and think we are totally twins seperated at birth! My signature drink the other night was just beer (I am so lame). I am thinking from now on though I am going to order - maybe a tom collins? I will probably go back to gin and tonics (it is almost spring). Have a great day!

CarrieB said...

What a gorgeous kid! Happy birthday to your little guy!