Wednesday, March 1

She headed for the Olympics....

or NOT! Anyone who knows me IRL, knows I am not some natural born athlete, but I have been trying new things. For example, this is the first year I have ever tried Cross Country Skiing. It's about time considering we've been in Alaska over 9 years! Anyway, I have gone several times so far this year & it would've probably have been more, except the weather hasn't been the most cooperative. So yesterday it was sunny & after this past weekend's snowfall, we thought we'd give it a go. We had a great time & came home exhausted! The kiddos slept like rocks & so did their mama!

Yes, I am going "downhill" here. In our area there are very few trail systems that are flat. In fact a lot of x-country skiers don't like to ski them because of the downhill portion, but I love it. I think it mixes it up a bit!

R. & his buddy K. had the best part of the deal~ they were pulled in a sled the whole time. However, they have come to learn that those who sit in a sled have very, very cold toes at the end of the trail. Next time they have agreed to wear their skis. It's a lot more work, but you stay a hell of a lot warmer.

The best part pulling the sled???? The ride downhill!

And on another note~ I need a moment to "Mommy Brag". R. earned three news stars on his chart for gymnastics on Monday! You rock little dude!!!


glo-girl said...

snow! I would *love* some snow right is HOT is Sydney today!

Femmie82 said...

I can't believe MY sister went the hell? I'm impressed girlie. And R. is the cutest little dude in the world. Lub ya!!!