Monday, March 20

Back to the grind....

it's Monday

it's the first day of Spring & we got 4+ inches of snow last night :(

it's time to go back to school after Spring Break

it's time to get back on my diet after a a couple weeks of splurging

it's only noon & I'm ready for bed

it's 99 day until we go to Ohio...did I mention that I'm homesick???

So the weekend was good, Sping Break was good...but way too short. Only 68 days until school is out for summer....that includes the weekend & holidays.....68 more sleeps...D. & I counted :) She was soo thrilled.....she's still at the age that she loves to be home with Mom. I hope she stays that way for a long,, long time.

I am already planning in my mind all the things I wanna do in OH this summer:
~have Dairy Queen Cake -the yummiest!
~bake in the hot sun
~catch lightning bugs with the kids
~have a bon fire & roast marshmallows
~have Starbucks with Femmie
~stay up late giggling with Femmie
~food fight!!!
~Target, who could forget Target??
~sit in the breeze way during a summer storm
~eat loads of fresh fruits & veggies
~eat Pizza Oven pizza
~laugh so hard I pee myself :) My family is hysterical
~ride in the Red Jeep

~eat a gigantic plate of "slop"~ it's my aunt's fabulous recipe YUM!
~did I mention eating a Dairy Queen Cake????

Well~ that's all for now~I've got a house to clean & phone calls to make.....Ciao!


em said...

Dairy Queen Cake...yummy!! This makes me want to create a list for my summer, though we always get to the end and realize we didn't do ANY of it!!

Kat said...

i looooove dairy queen- and catching fireflies is the best!!!!

Femmie82 said...

I think we can handle that list...I can't wait until you guys get here!!!! Woohooo.....Lub ya

stacy a said...

You got it - EVERYTHING on your list! I can't wait! We have 99 more days to add to the list - you know like fireworks on the 4th - walks & ice cream in the park - stuff like that. We're really looking forward to you and your family being here. Love you bunches!!!!

glo-girl said...

I hope summer comes extra fast for you!! Sounds like you have a lot of stuff to get done!!


CarrieB said...

It sounds like you are in great company to accomplish everything on that summer to do list. It will be here before you know it!

Jackie said...

Dairy Queen, Pizza Oven, Starbucks (ok,we have this) warm summer breezes, fireflies, walking barefoot in the grass, actually getting a suntan....ok, so I need to start taking this whole vacation thing a little more seriously. Homesick....nope not me...not in the least. I'm just thinking that the grankids will miss me so much if you all are going to be gone a whole month. Love ya...sweet dream!

angieoh! said...

I can't believe you are so far away from a Target... how do you do it? I would waste away!