Friday, October 19

A girl's gotta love a good challenge....

Like I don't have enough on my plate right now (you know I should be doing midterms).....

While it was probably not intended as a challenge, I love a question that challenges me to think. And I love random info, so I am going to challenge all of you as well. Nilsa presented me with this question regardling my last post:

If your classmates were playing the same game amongst themselves, how would they describe you and your 30-something pal?

Hmm...good one Nilsa! They would probably say something along the lines of this:

They-who-have-nothing-better-to-do-than-give-colorful-commentary-on-fellow-students.....yes, these 30-something wannabes (don't they realize that 30 is sooooo old) that sit in the back of the room giggling hysterically about who-knows-what. Seriously, they may have mental issues....either that or they have NO lives, if they find this class so freakin' funny. While we are all here for the benefit of higher education (*okay, this is stretching it a wee bit*) , they are obviously content with paying thousands of dollars to the University for the sake of a good laugh.

Oh, and if fellow students were to describe the one that looks like this separately it would be She-who-drinks-too-much-damn-Diet-Coke-and-appears-to-be-in-desperate-need-of-a-day-at-the-spa.
So my fellow would you be described??? Give it your best shot! And feel free to to analyze me as well...I have thick skin, I can take it!
***Disclaimer: In case you are wondering, I really am not a mean spirited person. IRL, I am actually really friendly! I was just raised in a family with a incredibly weird sense of humor. Everything & anything is fair game for, as my mother put in in my last post's comments, colorful commentary. Take for example this ancient post.... this is a running joke with my sister & I. We just can't help ourselves. And if that isn't enough of an excuse, blame our parents!


Jackie said...

OH girlfriend (and daugther) you are too funny. Yes, blame the parents, it's ok, I don't mind. Because yes, it is our fault. If your fellow bloggers could only hear one of our family conversations they would be horrified. And yet, if they could see how close we all are - how much we truly love each other - they would want to be a part of our family. Sure, we poke fun at each other and downright embarrass each other at times....but what are family for anyway? Color commentary - you have it down girl and I'm proud of you!

Love, Mom

Nilsa S. said...

I ask a question that lands me in a blog entry and promptly go on vacation so as not to be able to respond until weeks later. Some blogging friend I am! Anyway, thanks for the props. Always appreciated!