Sunday, October 7

All aboard...the Random Train of Thought...

where it stops...nobody knows:)
·It's 34 degrees...and my kids are playing outside for the sheer fun of it. For what it's worth, I think they are nuts....but I won't tell them that, cause exercise is always good for little kiddos! And just in case you are sitting there wondering what the big deal is, let me show you how kids in Alaska dress to play outside in 34˚ weather.........

Short sleeves, even some shorts...but by golly don't forget the stocking cap. And the only reason my child (the one in the middle) isn't wearing a cap is cause she has all that stinking hair & she claims it's "too warm for a hat".
And no it's not just me...some loser mom who allows this. This is this Alaskan standard. This morning I went to the grocery store & I must have seen at least 10 adults in shorts. Mind you several of them were wearing shorts, a polar fleece jacket & flip-flops. Go figure.

· I am working on yet another paper. This one is for History of Alaska. Blech....I guess I have had a crappy attitude about this class since before it even started. Why? Uhm...the instructor required 11 texts -8 of which he authored. Uhm....let's see......if your book is so crappy that it doesn't sell on its own merit don't force your students to buy it just to make a buck. My method to avoid padding Prof. Jerk-boy's pockets......the public library, thank you very much.

·I can honestly say the state of Alaska doesn't contain enough diet Coke to get me through the next 2 years. K. keeps reminding me that if I stick to it that in 2 "short" (doesn't seem short right now) years I'll have not only my post-baccalaureate Teaching certificate but my M.A.T. (masters of arts in teaching)...but right now I just wanna give them a wad of $$$ and get it over with. ***Yes, in case you are wondering...this is Whine-fest 2007***

·Tomorrow is R.'s first school field trip. We are hour into Anchorage (& back, obviously). Please pray that they put nice little boys in my car...not the ...well, you know...the ones......cause if they put the ones in my car, it'll be one long-long drive :)


krystyn said...

Oh boy - good luck w/tomorrow's field trip. I hope you don't get "the ones" in your car...just in case you do though, how about taking along some cotton balls for your ears??? :-)

Janssen said...

Ha! I love that you are keeping your professor from ripping you off. He sounds like Lockhart in Harry Potter.