Wednesday, February 1

8 more sleeps!

That's how my kids count down to any special event. So I have 8 more sleeps until I leave for Vegas! I am starting to get excited!
Before I go I have to
~finish my grandma's album & send it off
~ finish the mini-album for K. for Valentines Day (which is also his birthday)
~finish my taxes & submit (I'm 98% finished)
~the never ending laundry & more laundry
~figure out what the hell I am going to wear while I am there
~pack, obviously :)
~do all the prep for the kids V-day parties (I get back 24 hours prior to the first one)
...I'm sure there is more...AHHHH!

But right now I can't think about it, 'cuz my mind is consumed with all of the stuff I am excited about:
~spending three days with the love of my life
~going somewhere warm here it is -6, there it is 60 Damn!
~seeing some of the stuff we didn't have time for last year
~playin' me some nickel got it I am one big spender! Those things are a blast!!!!
~flying all by myself! AHHH! although I love to travel as a family, the idea of flying all alone almost sounds luxurious! The last time I flew alone was when we left England in 1996!
~ I can't wait to get one of those yummy frozen peach drinks at Treasure Island
~oh, did I mention open container laws??? Wahoo!!! (seriously, I don't drink that much...maybe once a month, if that....but just the idea of it makes me giddy! Ya know, like I am getting away with something!)
~and the food....need I say more!!

Okay...I need to stop daydreaming & get back to all the crap that needs done!


stacy a said...

I completely understand the drink thing. I don't drink that much either but when we were there I walked 3 miles for a 99 cent margarita. Best damn drink ever! I also love the nickel slots. I found some penny slots at Caesar's (the margaritas are pretty good there too). I hope that you and Keith have a great time. I hope to hear all about it when you get home. Well, not all - you'll probably have to censor some of it. Love the do! Love & miss you!!!

Femmie82 said...

I'm so jealous!! lol Hope you have a blast...

em said...

I love the "sleeps" counting! Vegas will be fun! Everytime I've gone it's been with a group...I want to go back with just my husband and do some fun stuff!!