Saturday, February 25

A girl's gotta love "FREE"

& this girl does! Let me 'splain......I had a credit for free merchandise coming to me at my favorite scrapbook store, The Craft Garden. So today I used it up to treat myself! And look at the goodies I got......

* a Silent Setter ~ I bet K. wishes that is one scrapbook purchase I had made before now....uhm, did I mention I was using my old one with the hammer all through the Super Bowl....he he
*some uber cool Heidi Swapp"Traveler" tape.....did I tell you lately that I wanna be Heidi Swapp when grow up??

~And check out these adorable little bottles of paint....the colors are absolutley YUMMY! I played around with them tonight.....soooooo fun!

Anyway, these little goodies were the highlight of my day that included over 6 inches of snow. What the??? I am about done with winter & somehow I do not think the weatherman got the message.....hmph! Has he not figured out that it is all about ME????? ***okay, it's late & I am getting a bit slap happy.....I should sign off before I say something I will regret :)


em said...

All this stuff looks great! We must have similar styles because this looks about exaactly the same as what I would buy if I had store credit...lucky you :)

suburban mom said...

LOVE the stuff! I love MM paints. And I love your mug below - I think I'm going to steal that idea! :)