Wednesday, February 8

Just 1 more sleep.....

and, do I ever need it!!! I pulled an All-Nighter last night finishing up the album for my grandma's birthday. And, no, I did not put it off to the last minute...I just received the last of the photos for it a few days ago. Thanks-a-freakin'-lot!!! Nothing like waiting until the last minute people! I truly have nothing better to do...(if you haven't pick up on the heavy dose of sarcasm her, then you have issues....) Anyway...I am way exhausted, but the album is finished & cost me just $48.00 to send 2nd day. What the??? I definitely think I got the short end of the stick on the flippin project. Over $120 in supplies to make the bloody thing, all the time & then the shipping. From here on our, I think I am gonna become that shit relative that sends nothing for birthdays & Christmas! So "HA!" (slowly steps down from soapbox....)

So now I am in Veags mode.....Viva Las Vegas!!! Sing it with me!!! K. is on a Vegas bound plane right this very minute & will arrive there around 8am Thursday morning. Then Thursday evening I will head to Anchorage International to catch the red-eye (the only way Alaskans travel) to SLC & then on to Vegas. I will arrive Friday morning around 8a.m. I can hardly wait. But before I leave I first must face the dreaded list. Anyone who knows me, also knows my alter ego is "Stacy the Tree Killer:List Maker Extrodinaire" I have atleast one going at all times. And usually this close to a trip, I would be much better prepared. However, the last few days have been devoted to the album so now it's time to kick "Trip Prep" in high gear. In case you are wondering....this is my real list (silly doodles & all). I also have the ones with all the crap that needs packed plus this one carries over to the back of the page. Lucky me!!! :)

On a different note, swimming lessons started back up tonight & it was R.'s first lesson ever. Well let me tell you~ Little Dude rocked the Palmer Pool....well as much as a 3 year old can! He was so cute. And D. did stupendously, as well. She is in Level 4. Pretty good for a kid her age. She is dying to get to Level 5 so she can swim in the Polar Bear club, a recreational swim team. I think I gave birth to amphibians! :)

Later gators!!!


Femmie82 said...

Have so so so so so so much fun and be safe. I wanna hear all about it when you get home. Lub ya!!

stacy a said...

Yahoo!!!! No more sleeps! Have an awesome time. Look forward to hearing from you when you get home - after you've rested because everyone knows noone sleeps in Las Vegas. Be safe - love you!