Tuesday, February 14

Valentine's, Vegas & variations.....

where to begin???
Valentine's day was pretty good. I finished the popcorn balls & they were was a HUGE hit!!! The kids scarfed them up, as my 7 year old would put it! And the kiddos had a great time at the party! And let me tell you .....wrapping all those little suckers up was soooooo not fun!!!! But boy were they ever cute!!!! And a girl's gotta love being the "Cool Mom" for the day :)

Can you say "Yummy"??????

Me & the kiddos...........



We had a blast!!! It went entirely too fast but I enjoyed having the time alone with my man! I can hardly wait to go again......

Of course I enjoyed my fair share of yummy foo-foo drinks! You gotta love the "yard-stick" margaritas. And my absolute favorite was the frozen Bellini from Fat Tuesday's at the Dessert Passage shops at the Aladdin. And look at the size of that thing!

I was pleasantly surprised with the Riviera. The hotel was hosting the World Archery Festival & so that 's how we ended up there. It was actually pretty nice. Not 5 stars or anything, but all-in-all it was nice. Plus they had a stand that sold yardstick margaritas in house! Score!!! Plus the gambling was great. I won over $750 0n penny slots! Score again....mind you, I spent quite a bit of my winnings on the aforementioned margaritas...but anyway......... :)
I'm sure those of you who have been to Vegas have seen this sign...but Keith & I always get such a kick out of it......Bikini Bull Riding, as well as Cold Beer & Dirty Girls under one roof.....dare to dream...........
I LOVE this huge neon sign...it's hot pink & a foo-foo drink...OMG! Talk about perfection! I am trying to find the perfect place in the house for it....just kidding :)

my main squeeze....(it's not the greatest picture, but what can I say???)

One of the things I gotta say about Vegas...the casinos have the coolest freakin' bathrooms!!!! Much better than ones at Pikes Market in Seattle (*snort* Femmie....Don't worry I won't share that photo). But check this out............the ones in the Desert Page had a shelf built in the wall to hold all your carrier bags! How cool is that????? K. wasn't that impresses, but any chic would truly appreciate it.....

We walked a lot, ate a lot, drank a lot **hiccup**, saw a lot....oh the things we saw....... and we can't wait until we go back. K. is already planning to go for next year's tournament. Oh...I almost forgot.....I gotta share....I used my winnings to buy (well, a little bit of it) to buy this adorable Brighton purse! Notice...it's pink! Love it!
Okay...now I gotta share with y'all what awesome friends I have!!!!! Not one, but 2 of my friends surprised me in the last 24hours with valentine goodies. First, my girl Heather popped in last evening with an awesome gift bag! She soooo rocks!

First there were these super adorable pink cleaning gloves......how fun is that????

Then there were these hilarious temporary tattoos.....notice the box says they are 'naughty'. Boy are they ever! There are some really raunchy ones to be honest! Hysterical!!!!! Heather & I have decided we are gonna string together a totally X-rated sentence & tattoo an unsuspecting Bunko buddy this weekend...hehe!!!!

Then today my friend Julie surprised me at the school with this adorable flower arrangement! What a doll! These 2 ladies totally made my day!
I was so reminded of how blessed I am & what great friends I have!!! Love you guys!!!


em said...

Love all the pics! It looks like you had a great time in Vegas!! And...those popcorn balls are making me hungry!!!

Heather said...

Which Julie gave the flower arangement to you? I LOVE it! Which store? It is so cute I can't stand it.