Sunday, November 2

So here is a bunch of randomness......

I don't care if we did gain an hour last night or not 'cuz I am still way tired

We bought entirely too much crap @ our school auction last night. Well not really crap.....but when the check to the school was more than we spend on a month's groceries, you know we spent too much! But the hubs keeps reminding me 'it was for the children.' And I must admit I am oh-so-grateful that it is our schools ONE & ONLY fundraiser. Plus we had an absolute blast (our table was just a tad bit rowdy)! What did we buy you ask???? Well.....hubs got Rock Band 2 for his Xbox 360,we bought D. a handmade bedside table for her room, we bought a certificate to Bouncin' Bears for R.'s birthday (yeah we are just a bit ahead of the game since his b-day isn't until March), I got a beaded bracelet.......oh, and we *think* we won a Bocce Ball set- we just forgot to pick it up off the silent auction table! Oops!

Can I tell you how sick of school I am??? Just in case you were wondering....................... enough said!

I am sooooo read for all of the election crap to be over. All of the mudslinging is making me crazy!

Did I tell you I am sick of school?

My CAbi order came in & I love every piece of it! :)

Yeah.....has anyone started Christmas shopping? I really gotta get on the ball with this. Ugh!

Can I tell you how irritated I was to see a 5th grader in D's class wear an uber slutty costume on Friday at school. Yes...sadly I did say 5th grader & slutty in the same sentence. I feel bad about that but seriously when an 11 year old shows up to school in thiswhat I just said is the least of some poor kid's issues...................... And NO I am not kidding :(

My friend Zoe (who actually is a diehard liberal, while I am a diehard conservative) have decided we are tired of all the PC terminology out there. As my hubs says, he is an American....not a Mexican American or Hispanic American....he insists he is an American & that's that! So in protest she & I have decided from here on out we will introduce each other as "Female Americans" just to appease all of those P.C. junkies out there.'s getting to be that time of the semester & we are a bit irritatable.......
So it is really cold here (like low single digits) and I am dreaming of spring soooooooo sad.....
Later gators :)


Brittany said...

yay for Rockband! Boo for slutty kids... :( Someone needs to slap her parents...

I, too, am sick of school. I spent 12 hours, today, on a 25 page paper and a 21 slide power point. Yes, I waited until the last minute, but not by choice, just because I didn't have the time to do it any other day! ahh! sigh.

the dragonfly said...

An eleven year old wore that costume? That is really sad.

I'm working on my Christmas shopping, slowly but surely. I'm trying very hard not to buy every toy I see for my 16 month old son. I DO NOT want to spoil him. But it's so hard!


krystyn said...

That's an awful costume for a 5th grader, that's for sure. wonder what her mom dressed up as?

I'm a Conservative too and already voted. I'm saddened every time I see the polls as it looks like McCain is going to get clobbered...I just don't get what people see in that other candidate. Blech!

Going to have to think of what country I want to move to if he is elected.

Larry and Steph said...

Miss you!!!!! When is the next visit scheduled for? Did I mention that we are ready now and are already planning what we want to do next time? We miss you soooo much. I was thinking we should all meet somewhere (where dad could fly) for a couple of days...maybe around a holiday one time....I miss holidays with you. Anywho...tell everyone hi and give hugs. Lub you forty nerdy!!