Sunday, November 23

16 things..............

So Tam posted this on her blog & suggested that 'everyone' join in are 16 things unusual things about me.................

1. I loathe raw meat....I hate to touch it, look at it, smell it, etc. While I eat meat regularly, it MUST be well done.

2. I hate to be a passenger in a car!! I like to drive, but being a passenger brings on a panic attack.

3. I ♥ Diet Coke ♥! Especially fountain Diet fact Diet Coke is so important in my opinion that there is actually a hierarchy to the packaging of Diet Coke

A. Fountain Diet Coke is the VERY BEST!

B. If fountain isn't an option, a cold can will suffice

C. I will settle for a cold 16oz plastic bottle if necessary

D. And as a very last resort I will drink Diet Coke from a 2lt bottle, but only if it has just been opened otherwise it is too flat....blech!

4. When I was 4 my mom let my uncle, Stacy's husband, take me shopping at Kmart for my Halloween costume. Keep in mind he was a 19 year old boy & it was the 1970's. Mommy's little princess came home with a Gene Simmon's Kiss costume with a plastic mask that looked like this........

I had no idea who Kiss even was. I just liked that the masked had 'makeup.' Oh yeah...that was cute *insert sarcasm*

5.When I was 18, I cracked my head open & had to have stitches.....what makes this significant is that is HOW I did this. Instead of going sledding at the sledding hill during a big snow storm, my friends and I decided to tow a sled around the subdivision behind my Geo Metro. Yeah not so smart.......I flew off going around a corner & cracked my head on the pavement.

6. When I was a kid growing up in Ohio I was certain that upon adulthood I would be one of the lucky individuals who moved south (*read WARM)....Florida was the ultimate choice. And more that anything I wanted to own a swimming pool...................yeah, Alaska is just slightly off the mark on that one....

7. I hate random noise. Like when somebody taps their pencil or clicks their nails together...........ugh, it makes me sooooooo crazy! I also hate eating people chewing or moaning when they really enjoy their food. *shivers*

8. Although I don't mind a good debate in real life, I can't stand confrontations on TV or in movies. I HAVE to change the channel. Or if someone is about to totally embarass themselves on TV, I just can't bare to watch!

9. I am a nomad at heart. I love to travel & would love to move around....but I am married to the anti-nomad. He likes to vacation in places he in places he's already been to & he would rather that we never move again....I guess being a military brat (as he was) & then serving in the USAF for 22yrs, which requires a ton of moving, will do that to a person..........

10.I am the only person in my house who can't roll my tongue :( They treat me like I am some sort of freak

11. I really dislike "academic" speak. I am well educated & (not to brag) but quite intelligent, but I don't like when people try to use huge & complicated words to impress others. Being a human dictionary does not = just pretentious

12. I also really dislike pretentiousness in general.....I am not impressed by big houses or luxury cars. If you have those things then good on ya. I don't hate the 'things,' I just find it petty when people try to use them to somehow define themselves or impress others. That is the funny thing about Alaska (which can also probably be said for a lot of places in the U.S.), but the people who put on the biggest show are not usually the most successful. Okay...stepping down from my soapbox........

13. While I have very, very few possessions from my youth (like less than 5 total) I do still have & use the NIV Bible that my Dad gave me when I was 11.

14. I avoid "Hits" & "Bestsellers" like the plague. For instance if everyone raves about the hottest new book or TV show, I am instantly turned off. Yes, I know I often end up missing out, but I just don't like to 'jump on the band wagon'

15. I hate birds. Any & all birds! I don't fear them, I just don't like them. So if you really want to get on my bad side, buy me a bird feeder... Blech!

16. I had pica while I was pregnant. I ate ice the tune of a 10lb bag a day!! Destroyed my teeth, To this day I still can't drink a glass of water without chomping on the ice. And like Diet Coke, I also prefer certain types of ice over others....I especially like the type of ice that is like miniature snow balls. One friend pointed out it is the type of ice that they give you in the hospital when you are in labor. Yummy!! So that means, I will go out of my way to get a fountain Diet Coke with premium ice. That is like heaven....almost as good as a pool in Florida :)


Heather said...

thanks for stopping by my blog. Nice to "meet" you :)

bahava said...

I totally agree with you about the being a passenger in the car! Makes me so paranoid!
p.s. I agree--making blizzards at DQ was fun! but they made my hands cold!

Brittany said...

Must be the dream of all Ohioans... MOVE south! haha. I haven't made it out yet. Who knows where we'll end up. Maybe Alaska? lol

Anita J. said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you come back soon. I have a friend who lives in Alaska. I can't remember what part right now, though. Something named after a bear or a fish, I think.

1)clears up the inuit bloodline question
2)so did my dear friend, and she turned out to be a psychologist!
9)I feel your pain.
10)That is completely genetic and not your fault.
14)I accidentally got on the Twilight bandwagon. I picked up a copy someone left here and got sucked in. I had to buy my own.
15)Yikes! No bird feeders for you.

Your list was fun!

lovelylalo said...

WOW, you sure are serious about your DIET COKE! LOL I am a fan of COKE ZERO. Ice is important too. I agree with you on the driver not a passenger thing...2 things with me are 1. I too panic or get annoyed with others driving skills (Mine are Perfect) and 2. I fall asleep if the ride is anymore than 30 minutes...puts me out like a baby!

Sorry I haven't kept up with you lately.

Take care!

Jennifer said...

i think i should buy you a pack of meat for x-mas and then I will tap a pencil on a counter top while you open it:P

i rock as a friend!

Pete Wilson said...

I hate birds too!

Jackie said...

Being the lucky Mom to this lovely lady I can attest that none of these things are exaggerations. These are the things that make her so totally unique and wonderful. Well, expect for the bird thing....I hate birds too but SM neglected to mention that she actually tried to kill a bird by placing it in an closed up garage with no air in the middle of the summer. Then it started raining and she put the bird outside! yes, the bird survived! (Am I wrong?)