Friday, August 29

Alaska (& the nation) is all abuzz

So I don't usually use my blog as a platform for my political views but this is HUGE! Too huge to ignore! My phone has been ringing all morning & everyone here is soooooo excited. So before I go I jus wanna say one thing....GO SARAH!....well, GO McCain & Palin! :)


Kendra said...

Love the post. Loved your comment on my page! :)
Can't wait for November. Go McCain & Palin. She is awesome.
Have a fabulous weekend.

Larry and Steph said...

I think it is an interesting choice...should be an odd election day. I don't personally like either candidate....but it will make history one way or another.

Lub you!!

dani said...

hi, stacy:)
i blog with kendra and saw your comment... do you think mccain has enough time to "sell" palin to the nation??? cnn has been ripping both all day. it's made me ill:S
i hope she will be able to ride out the media back lash!!!
~dani ky

KC said...

I'll 2nd that... Go McCain & Palin

krystyn said...

Woohoo!! Ditto!!

Bren's Life said...

I left a comment on your brought me to tears post too. But I am so glad to hear more on Palin. At first I wasn't sold on her, but I am voting for McCain - So I wanted to know about her.
I've seen the video of the guy & the slide. That is so funny about your son. It sounds like your 6 yr old & my almost 8 yr old would be good friends. He has no fear & finds things like that so cool!!!
Great blog!

Spencer said...

I read your comment on Dani's post and had to come check out your blog.

I think that's awesome that you know her and that everything you said about her sounds like she is a great person and a good choice for McCain's running mate. I will admit i was disapointed that Mitt Romney was not going to be the running mate, but after hearing more about Palin I'm just as excited now for November's Election. Go McCain! Thank's for all the info.
I bet Alaska is beautiful.

Jennifer said...

this is going to be exciting

daytrippingmom said...

It's nice that Palin has provided a face for Alaska. I knew there are people there, but I'd never really seen one before her. I look forward to this election season.