Saturday, April 5

Just 10 more sleeps.....

That is what little R. told me as I tucked him in. And this is what he is counting down to....
Seriously.....he is way excited. In fact we all are! My mom, my husband & I are going with the kids on April 16th to see the Cirque Dreams show in Anchorage! And its Kids Day to boot so there will be street performers outside the theatre an hour before show time. This type of thing doesn't make it to Alaska very often. And while I am thrilled my kiddos are looking forward to it, I myself am more than ready for something fun in the midst of all my schoolwork.

So...if I haven't made it clear enough yet, we're excited! Hopefully the show will live up to our expectations! I'll let you know :)

And in case you are wondering about all this "schoolwork" I have & if it truly is all that bad, here is a peak at my "To Do" list for the next 3 weeks! C'mon you know you're jealous! So if any of you have any extra time on your hands & wanna volunteer for one or more of these assignments, I'll gladly share!

And although I am uber busy I am trying to have a more positive outlook these days so I will share something with you that made me happy this week!

I am a summer girl at heart (I know, bummer deal for someone that lives in the arctic) but I LOVE Springtime flowers! Tulips, daffodils..... you name it! And these were so pretty.....and in the bathroom none-the-less. They just made me smile!

Night all!....I am off to bed to read a few chapters from the novel that is 'due' on the 9th!


the dragonfly said...

Oh, have fun! I hope spring (and summer) reach you soon. I'm in Germany, and it's snowing right now!

Anonymous said...
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Kami said...

Cirque will NOT disaapoint, I promise. I have seen several of their shows and each one is unique and amazing!

Have a great time!

The schoolwork? YIKES! I remember it well though and um, gee look at the time... gotta run!


Brittany said...

i have that much schoolwork, too... AH

Kellan said...

10 more sleeps - too sweet. How exciting, though!!! I hope you all have a blast.

The tulips are beautiful. Have a good week Stacy - see you soon - Kellan