Sunday, March 30

Soup, anyone?

Yeah....I know that in this photo it looks pretty darn UN-appetizing, doesn't it? (I apologize for the poor photo quality...gotta love cell phones!)

And oddly enough it is the very thing that I look forward most to every Friday get me through three hours of the most boring class that the University offers......boring, boring, poke-my-eyes-out-with-a-dull-pencil boring. But I take heart in knowing that 1/2 way through we will be given a 10 minute break in which I will treat myself to this $3.25 bowl of deliciousness. Clam chowder from the coffee stand at the college.....oh yeah, we've hit the big time!

In fact this past Friday my fellow soup-loving classmate & I even joked about how pathetic it is that the most exciting thing in our lives on Fridays is some meger looking clam chowder served in a styrofoam cup. Talk about bad attitudes...........

So I come home and I read Jody's blog & find the link to Angie Smith's blog. Angie & her husband are facing a trial unilke anything I can even begin to imagine.....their story has touch me beyond just have to read it for yourself.............. This woman is such a pillar of strength in such a dark time.

And then I finished writing my paper on Elie Wiesel's Night. The book chronicles Wiesel's time spent in Auschwitz during WWII. If you haven't read it, run...don't out & buy it! Powerful beyond words. And as I was proof reading my paper, I realized that God was silently showing me something like this "Hello? Stacy? Do you hear me? I know you are bogged down with all the little 'things' in life & that you are tired.....but don't forget you are also very blessed."

Yep.....I am tired...more tired than I have ever been.....between commuting to Anchorage for school 4 days a week, all my school work and then running a family & household and all my countless projects and commitees at the kids' school plus doing the parent thing alone 50% of the year....I am beat! But really what do I have to complain about?

So I guess The Big Guy was trying to give me an attitude adjustment in a kind and gentle way. My Friday morning bowl of soup isn't pathetic at all.......and I have to be grateful for all of these little blessings.....each & every one.

Do you ever have those times that you find these little lessons are all around you when you least expect it ?

Okay...back to my school work! Have a great week:)


Brittany said...

Soup sounds great! I am schoolwork breaking as well...sigh... back to the books for me, too!

Barb K said...

So sweet to see your comment which, of course, made me pop over to your blog. I loved all of it! The soup, Elie Wiesel's book, which I read and loved so much, the blog references (aren't those women amazing?) Thanks for reminding us of all the blessings we have.
Love in Him, Barb
PS I know you read a lot. Make sure to read "The Shack" by William Young. Just a stunning, moving book.

Kami said...

I needed this reminder. Thanks! The soup looks really good and I would look forward to it too.

I remember those kind of classes!

Rays Family said...

thanks for checking out my blog, all the way from Alaska. I just love this world of blogging. Have a great day. I look forward to reading your blog.

take care,

Jackie said...

Blessings abound and we all too often ignore them and only see the negative - or maybe we just comment on the negative. Life is a journey, good and bad. Reading these blogs is a great reminder of how truly blessed we are.
Enjoy your soup and your classes lady. It will all make you stronger...much love, Mom