Sunday, August 13


So we went fishing out of Whittier with some friends this weekend & had a fab-u-loso time! It was wet,it was foggy, it was raining & it was fun!

So here I am with my catch of the day...a beauty of a silver salmon! Boy will that baby be good smoked :)

Robert did pretty well himself.....but he wasn't too keen on hold the dead fish :)

Desi rocked~ she caught her limit (2 silvers) that day!

Me & my girl....we had such an awesome time. Have I mentioned lately how much I love that kid......

I loved just looking at all the boats in the harbor. It was just so peaceful

And I just love the look of this hotel, right on the waters edge...

Anybody want a shrimp???

No? Then how 'bout a bucket of them??? We only left the shrimp pots out for about 5 hours (normally you try to leave them atleast 12) & we still got about 75 shrimp...75 HUGE shrimp! De-lish!


Jackie said...

Wow, great fishing! L will be so jealous. Glad you all had a good time. And very glad you got some pics of the occasion!

em said...

Looks like fun! I love fishing! I used to go all the time when I was little with my we have tons of pictures just like yours! We yell "fish on" too...and we also would say to you... " NICE fish!!!" ;)

~Krystyn~ said...

whoa--big fish!!

Steph said...

holy fish! those babies are hugenormous!