Thursday, June 22

Headed in the right direction????

our food habits, that is.......I am thrilled with Safeway's newest line...Safeway Organics.I finally feel like 'packaged' foods have made a step in the right direction. Believe me, my kids get their fair share of sugar-coated-crap, but I try to find a sense of balance. You know, try to offset all the junk with a bit of good. So Safeway definately has got my business with this line. And as if being healthy wasn't enough, the prices are great too...well, compared to all the other healthy food sold up here. (On this one) Safeway rocks!!! Now if they would just create organic Diet Coke? I'd really be lovin that. How about think it's organic???


So let me tell you about my day....
My friend Kim & I have planned for the last couple weeks to have a Girl's Day out. And it took loads of planning & organization, but we got it all worked out for today. This was a particularly big deal as we have never done this before..the 2 of us, no kids......hmmm, what a thought :) So our big girls were going to Girl Scouts Day Camp & we had a sitter lined up for the little guys. We were set. The boys had soccer camp from 9-10:30am but another friend (who also has kids in soccer camp) said she'd drop the little ones off at home, where the sitter would be waiting. We were golden.....or so we thought. I get up early this morning to be sure I was ready for a 9am departure....we were to hit the road right after dropping the girls off at GS camp. We would be free until 4pm. As I get out of the shower I hear the phone's Kim. Our friend who was transporting the boys called her to say her kids weren't going to soccer camp due to the light rain. Mind you, soccer camp is "rain or shine". Okay...we can deal with this....time to regroup. So Kim arranges for her father-in-law to transport the boys & all will be well. Girls are off to GS camp & we head to the soccer's now 9:10 but we are just a tad behind schedule. We arrive at soccer to see all of the coaches with the 'big kids' group (ages 7-10) and 3 of the littler kids sitting in the pavalion with a mom. Hmm? Coach says (in his uber-thick British accent) "We canceled for the little guys since nobaody came".......what??? we are only 10 minutes late & 3 others are here...the only 2 that didn't show belong to our friend who bailed this morning. "We'll try again tomorrow" he says. Okay...regroup again..... we call the sitter who lives next door to Kim & see if she can watch the boys a tad early. Uhm....yeah, but she needs atleast an hour to get ready. Okay.... that's not really early but we'll just wait it out.....what choice do we have. So we hit the coffee stand & head back to her house to wait on the sitter. At 10:30 the sitter shows up like she just rolled out of bed in her pajama pants, flip flops, and a ratty pony tail......this took an hour???? If that's true, then girl must have been lookin really rough this morning. So at 10:40 we pull out of the hour & a half late, but we are grateful to just be on our way. Then I jinxed us.....I said "Do you hear that??? Silence...isn't it beautiful." Not 2 freaking minutes later my cell phone rings.....crap, it's a number I don't recognize.....who could it be??? Yep, the First Aid Tent at Girl Scout Camp. On that side of town it had started to rain pretty heavily & D. had managed to get her shoes filled with water while playing tug-of-war. She was freezing.....poor thing was sobbing when she got on the phone. "I just want you to come & get me Momma" she begged. At that I just motioned for my friend to continue straight instead of merging into a turn lane to head for the highway to Anchorage. So we go pick up my girl...... we decide just before picking her up, that we'll just take her with us. Out of our four children combined she is the oldest & is hands-down the easiest to take withh us on a day such as this. There's just one problem.....her shoes are soaked. And a trip home would mean 1/2 hour in the opposite direction. She has spare socks, but who takes extra shoes to DAY camp??? So a detour to Payless (in a nearby stripmall) is necessary to get girlie some shoes. She was thrilled....she ended up with Patriotic Airwalks (knockoff Crocs). Finally we get on the highway toward Anchorage (an hour away) at 11:39. A mere 2 1/2 hours late. After travel time, we have a whopping 2 1/2hours to ourselves....well, ourselves & an 8year old. But we weren't about to be beaten...we hit the ground running & made a major dent in Nordstroms. I found some cute shorts for the trip & some much needed undergarments. Oh yeah... you gotta love having your daughter along to try on, fun! And that leads us to the quote of the day:

D: Mom this is crazy??
Me: What?
(as she points out a very lacy, revealing demi bra with rhinestone straps)
D: Why do they have all these fancy bras???? It's not like anybody's ever going to see you in it.
Me:(gulp) Yeah...pretty silly isn't it. (As I pray that she keeps thinking this way for a very long time!)


melissa said...

oh boy what a day you had, I am very impressed that you stuck it out and made the best of it :)

lol at the "organic diet coke" ;) and the lace bra comment

em said...

Hehe about diet tequila! I'd like diet beer!

That comment about the bra is hilarious!!! Sorry to hear about your day, at least you got a little bit of time to yourself!!

angieoh! said...

You are so cute. Diet coke should not be altered. Worshipped maybe, but not altered. Sorry to hear about you crazy day... but i love you daughter - what a honey!

badgerdaddy said...

Hiya... Just wanted to let you know I killed my fluffy little blog. Local heat - turns out half of Bungay was reading and there's no point doing something like that if you can't be totally honest... I think heat will inevitably follow. Ho hum.
I'll let you know if I start up again...

badgerdaddy said...

Hey, you haven't posted in almost a million years and there's only so many times I can read about safeway!!!