Friday, April 21

Where does the time go?????

I feel like I have been on the never-ending roller coaster the past couple weeks.........other than to sleep we haven't spent more than an hour at home at any one time. We're constantly running here or there with no time to stop & catch your breath. Whew!
Thursday was R.'s field trip to the Fire Station & the kiddos had loads of fun. The parents~ not so much. Imagine 5 parents chasing after 12 hyped-up 3 year olds, plus a few extras. Man, I knew I should have doubled up on the caffiene before school. Note to self: field trip + NO caffiene=sheer hell!
And although I took all the obligatory photos of the trucks & such, this one is my favorite... golly, I love that little dude!!!


Jackie said...

Our little this picture precious or what?

angieoh! said...

what a honey!

Mo said...

Love the picture!

glo-girl said...

What a *darling* photo!!

I remember when my little man had a field trip to the fire station...we were stationed in England...

Time flies, chicka...time flies.