Monday, November 19

Monday Randomness.........

yep, I have been a bad, bad blogger....but, in my defense I have never claimed to be a good one :)

yes, I have neglected this poor blog but I have been uber busy with various facets of my life

it' soooooooooooo cold & sooooooooooooo dark & it's not even Thankgiving yet :(

I have loads of photos to share but d@mn blogger won't let me upload them today.....ugh!

have any of you seen Old Navy's new holiday bath & body line? While I was standing in line to return a pair of jeans for R. today, I "sampled" their Green Apple Cider lotion.......hey, my hands were super dry & I love yummy smelling stuff. All I can say is eewwwwwwwwwww.........that was 8 hours & a dozen handwashings ago and I still stink to high heaven. Let me warn you, that crap smells like Hall's Cherry Cough Drops. Yuck! I don't know who in creation thought that smelled even remotely like apple-anything but they were sooooooooo wrong! Save you $$$$$

So what food are you most looking forward to on Thanksgiving????? Me.....hmmm.............I think that would probably be good ole white meat turkey! Yummy! Well & a side of gravy would hurt either :)


Brittany said...

I want sweet potatoes! :) I make a killer sweet potato ball... A Paula Deen recipe! :) yumo!

P.S.> Oh yes, in Ohio we let our three year olds say "damn" when speaking about Michigan! LOL! I am glad someone knew the song!!!!! :) haha.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Nilsa S. said...

Missed you from "this side" of the border! Hope busy life means good life!

My favorite Thanksgiving treat is this pearl onion dish. My mom (uber gourmet amateur chef) brought out this recipe years ago. It's such a pain in the you know what to make because you have to peel each and every little pearl onion (think hundreds!). But, it's in a creamy (oh so naughty sauce!). So, every year, we demand it is made ... and usually "haze" any new family member or friend with having to prepare the onions. Definitely worth the effort.

Close second - stuffing.

Greta said...

i just want the pumpkin

krystyn said...

Thanks for the warning on the Old Navy lotions...I want to go check out their PJ pants so I'll make sure to steer clear of the bath/body products.

You've been missed in Blogland. :-)

Being fat and PG, no foods really sound good, so I cannot say for sure what I'm looking forward to eating.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Kami said...

Mmm, thanksgiving food... the stuffing is my favourite part. WE had thanksgiving last month though so I have to wait till Christmas.

Oh and the pumpking pie... also good.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh and I told you we get similiar weather :-) The only difference is we do get light for a few hours during the day.... 9 am to 5 pm. It's depressing to get up in the dark for certain.

Kami said...

I am really am a good speller!

How about pumpkin not pumpking?


Jackie said...

Ohhh, stuffing with loads of gravy! Weight Watchers frowns on that, but my tummy craves it. Pumpkin cheesecake too - lots and lots until I can't eat another bite! Hint, hint, hint to SM!

LunaNik said...

Welcome back!!! I have to say that my most favoritest Thanksgiving dish is my Gram's stuffing. I have never ever tasted stuffing quite like hers. It always comes out of the oven with the richest dark brown color, smelling amazing, and just begging to be eaten. She says her secret is adding cooked and pureed turkey inerds(sp??). Mmmmm, so yummy!

OHmommy said...

Hello again!

I go straight for the gravy and a side of turkey. Yummy!