Thursday, August 2

Bad, Bad blogger.....

yeah I know I have been away for entirely too long & yes I know this isn't the first time. I guess whenever life gets crazy, it's my poor sweet blog that suffers. But I guess that is better than forgetting to pay the bills or neglecting my children. Seems to me both of those could have serious, if not criminal, until I invent the 48 hour day, the blog will have to take the hit.

Anyway....I've been uber busy here. In case you are remotely interested here is the Alaskan Summer recap (thus far....there is still 2 1/2 weeks until school starts):

· As illuded to in my previous post...I am back in school...full time none-the-less. And today is the very last day of the semester, thank the Good Man up above! I scored A's in 4 out of my 5 classes so far. I am still waiting to see how poorly I did on my Philosophy of Eastern Religion final that I took last night. Honestly I don't think it went well at all........seriously I don't get any of it. If any of you undertsand the 'flow' of Shintoism, please enlighten me. And later I'll have to devote an entire post to the quack of an Art History instructor I have. Believe me, this woman is nuts.......

· D. had her very first experience at summer camp in July & loved it! She is already begging to go back. Girl must have some thick rained the entire time she was there with a high temp of 65˚. Although I love the outdoors, I HATE to be cold. But she had a blast & now her brother is already begging to go. Sadly he has 3 years to wait.......

·Like the majority of the civilized world I anxiously anticipated the release of the newest Harry Potter book & once I had it in hand, there was no putting it down. I loved it.....but I cried. I cried when Harry saw Dumbledore. And I cried when it was over........I can't stand goodbyes & this one was huge! I feel like I'll never see a friend again......... why can't the series go on until Harry is like 80 or something?? Seriously?? **okay, yeah...I am a total sap**

·And while this really isn't very exciting, I am the proud owner (insert major sarcasm here) of a new range & dishwasher. Yes both of my old ones bit the dust. was ridiculous. And when I called the appliance repair guy he told me that it would honestly cost more to repair them than to buy new. What? And when I went to Lowes in search of new appliances the sales clerk told me the average lifespan of appliances these day is 5-7years. Mine were both 6. No wonder our environment is in such a state.... the answer to everything anymore is buy new & put the old in the dump. Ridiculous if you ask me! Luckily a friend of a friend was interested in taking the old range off of my hands to 'tinker with' for a house he is in the early stages of building. "Have at it" I said...atleast it wasn't ending up in the landfill like my dishwasher & TV.

·Oh yeah...I forgot to mention the TV. The poor thing is diserving of a eulogy or something. Our 32" RCA TV finally took a dive. It happened the first day that K. was home from work. His first few days home he is up at 0'dark-thirty & he leaves me to sleep in while he vegs out in front of the Outdoor Channel. Well on the morning in question he anxiously woke me up before dawn & told me "it's a sad, dark day". At first I was confused, but then I thought back to the last few morning when I attempted to turn cartoons on for the kids & how the TV didn't seem to want to 'switch on'. We knew this day was coming for a long, long time. The question was when...... you see K. bought this TV when he was just an Airman in 1987. You read that was 20 years old. And in recent years as our friends upgraded to HDTV & plasma, we remained in the dark ages. Our old friend weighs over 150lbs & the original remotes haven't worked in almost a decade (Thank goodness for Universal Remotes!). After the appropriate moment of silence, K headed straight to wake the kids for our trip to Best Buy. He was joining his friends in the 21st century.......a HDflat screen was in his very near future. Within a few hours it was out with the old & in with the new..........thank goodness Santa had brought him an Xbox 360 last Christmas so now we can all enjoy Halo 2 in all it's HD glory....otherwise I simply son't know how we would manage.

Oh, I forgot to mention that the whole dishwasher thing went way in my favor......see I purchased a clearance model Whirpool. It was a good model, but it was being replaced & so they had dropped the price. Hey, girl is all about saving a buck or 2. Anyway....I was happy with my purchase especially since I love save money. And since the clerk had said the new models are only 'supposed' to last about 7 years why would I spend a bazillion dollars anyway. Fast forward to the Lowes delivery guys bringing in my dishwasher....except it wasn't my dishwasher. After a bit of back & forth on the matter the guy realizes the wrong one has been loaded on the truck. But no worries, they will *try* to bring the other one out today. And if not, then sometime next week. Huh? Didn't I pay for next day delivery??? Finally the guy tells me "You shoulda just kept your mouth shut lady & kept this here expensive model" *you gotta love the proper speech & all* So I call the store & the clerk who sold me my appliances tells me that if coming back out to my house is going to be too inconvienent then I could just keep the one they delivered me. What's the big deal you ask......well I 'lucked into' an $850 Bosch Dishwasher. Yeah baby! This thing is beautiful!

Well....I guess that sums up my summer. It doesn't sound busy when you read it like that but believe me the school part kicked my butt! Thankfully I have 3 whole weeks before Fall semester begins!


Jackie said...

Needless to say, your summer has been hectic and it doesn't sound like your fall/winter is going to be much better. So the upside (if there is one) is that the kids will be in school leaving you (hopefully) some time during the day to study and do class work.