Monday, April 30


So I've been tagged by Carrie to share seven RANDOM facts/habits (aka: idiosyncracies) about myself. Here goes:

1. I HATE raw meat. I am totally a meat eater, but it must be very well done. But worse than that, I can't stand to handle raw meat. I don't 'do' chicken with skin or bones, or anything that needs much handling at all. I even know at which store the seafood department will cut the skin off my salmon fillets. And, yes, I drive 20 miles (R/T) out of my way to get said fish. When I make a pot roast I dump it from the little styrofaom tray thing, directly into my crockpot. The thought of touching it gives me the major creeps! yeah...weird...I know

2. I also hate birds. Any & all birds! I don't fear them, I just don't like them. So if you really want to get on my bad side, buy me a bird feeder... Blech!

3. I also hate random noise. I don't expect my house to be quiet, but fidgeting noise drive me crazy. Like if someone is tapping something or clicking or's worse than Chinese Water Torture.

4. I avoid "Hits" & "Bestsellers" like the plague. For instance if everyone raves about the hottest new book or TV show, I am instantly turned off. Yes, I knwo I often end up missing out, but I just don't like to 'jump on the band wagon'. I didn't even read the first Harry Potter until a week before #6 came out. Talk about stubborn.....

5. On the topic of reading....I am a speed reader. When I was in a 'gifted program' in elementary school they put me through a speed reading course. Ever since, I have devoured books. For example...when I finally caved & read Harry Potter...well, I read Books 1-6 in less than 7 days. Thanks heavens for the library & used book store. Otherwise we'd be broke due to my reading habit.

6. I have this thing about 'toe nail'. Mine especially, but it could apply to any & all women. I think toe nails should always be painted. No excuses.....I can't think of the last time i didn't have polish on mine.....atleast 10 years ago...seriously.

7. I hate the top sheet in the bed. can't stand the feel of it. I want a blanket directly on top of my body. So if you were to come inour room first thing in the morning, you'd see the top sheet shoved completely to K.'s side of the bed. It makes him crazy, but after all of these years, he's just had to adapt.

Okay...there you have I tag anyone & everyone who needs something to blog about...Cheers!


Lisa said...

I saw your post on Jody's blog and came to read your seven! I too have a toe nail issue - there's seriously no excuse for naked toe nails - ever! It makes me cringe - why can't everyone paint them!

Have a great day!!

pudding for brains said...

I agree. I happen to have major feet issues. I really dont like to touch feet, and I don't like people to touch mine! For crying out loud though: PAINT YOUR TOES LADIES!!

Thanks for you post to my blog!! It's good to meet another domesticated being! You blog is sweet!