Friday, March 2

How time flies......

again, I have neglected my blog for entirely too long.....I doubt anyone checks it anymore :) But then again, I never thought anyone would in the first place..................

since my last entry

~ I've lost 18 more pounds, for a current total of 38lbs gone.

~ I've found out my baby sister is pregnant & so is my brother's new wife. WOW!

~ Another sister, my dearest Femmie, is getting married. In just just over 2 months, we are all flying home to be part of the big day. The wedding is going to be fab-u-lous! I can hardly wait :)
~I attended my first swim meet & cried like a baby while my little girl swam her heart out.

~I bought my first pair of size 10 pants in over five years. Man, I never thought I'd get here :)

~ I got 'roped' into being Battle of the Books Coach for our school. Uhm.......alrighty then..... I'm sure you'll hear more about that later.

and tomorrow I will wake up to a 5 year old.....yep, my baby is gonna be 5. Where has the time gone. Just when I think I am a giant loser for not posting here more often, then I focus on what I have been doing...being with my babies as much as I can. Like my hubby says...before long we'll begin to lose I.Q. points with our kids & there is gonna be a period of time that we aren't so cool to be with.......I so dread those years.....
So it's Friday....I have an hair appointment in a few hours to cover the grey I have earned from the aforementioned 5 year old. I also have a CAbi Party to attend. Then tomorrow we will spend the entire day indulging the little man, as it's his special day. I foresee a Happy Meal in my future. I also have to begin just "7 sleeps" (as R. likes to say), we are on our way to Hawaii. I can hardly wait. Right now it's 5 degrees here with 25+mph winds. I am sooooooooo ready for some sun!


Elizabeth said...

funny you commented on my blog regarding the same thing!
I wonder sometimes, if anyone does ever read my posts!!
great for my sanity though~ LOL
enjoy your CABI party and don't spend too much..its addicting =)
and Hawaii.. how lucky are you?

Elizabeth said...

oh, yeah, congrats on the weight loss too. thats awesome. I'm 8 months preggers and feel like a whale.
are you a pea?

Jackie said...

And you thought no one ever checked yor are so wrong. Yep, our little man is 5 yrs old today and actig so grown up. Don't worry about a hapy meal..word has it he's looking toward Evangelo's. And all those pounds you've look incredible! Combine that with the tan you are aquiring and the new do (hair) and you are one hot lady. I'm so proud of you and all the positive going on in your life these days. Size 10...dang, I'm still in 10. Haven't tried the 8's on lately, but doubt they would fit yet. At this rate you're going to pass me up in no time....good on you lady!

~Krystyn~ said...

Wow! So glad ur back to posting - hope u stick around. :-)

First of all- CONGRATS on the weight loss!! That is excellent. How exciting for you!!

Second-that pic of you and your little guy is absolutely beautiful..he's adorable!!

Third-yay on Hawaii..that's where we're going for our honeymoon - I cannot wait!!!


Greta said...

WOW girl i am so stinking proud of you and you look like one hot mama!!!!