Sunday, September 10

Shout out for more help.....

okay fellow bloggers...fill me in on iPods. Give me any & all info one might deem important in buying an iPod. Yes....I am clueless. And D. wants one for Christmas. So I've got to get researching now..... And although cost will be a factor, I am not so much worried about that part right now because we have the opportunity to get one at about 35-40%off due to a discount available to someone close to us. So let me have it.....we'll just call this iPod 101


kitty said...

hmm...she seems a little young for an ipod..maybe start her off with a cheaper mp3 player? or, if you have to get an ipod, look for an ipod mini- they don't make them any more so you can find them *still new* on ebay pretty cheap (under 100!)and they're in pretty colors :)

Stacy said...

I was noticing the iPod shuffle was under $100, so we were thinking along those lines, kwim

Mo said...

I love my ipod and can't say enough good things about it. I go everywhere with that thing. It's become an extension of myself. LOL

I have the maxed out one in terms of capacity and honestly, I don't think I will ever fill all the memory up.

I've heard the minis are less likely to break and have more than enough memory available for the average user.

As for downloads, so simple and easy to do once you've installed the software. You can get free songs, books, etc. from or pay the iTunes fees.

The accessories can be a bit pricey but Target usually has almost everything you can think of at reasonable prices.

Hope this helps.